The Time Is Now

The spiritual warfare is headed towards full speed….

Cry aloud spare not, get your armor on and fall on your faces before God Almighty IN Jesus Christ our LORD, and through the Holy Spirit!

I do not believe this is a practice run, this is not a drill but it is real….

You heard of the balloons, the UFOs, the trail derailments, the rituals at the grammy’s and the super bowl? Those were all diversions to get your eyes off of what God is doing, He is pouring His Spirit out, He is making a last call to REPENTANCE for many in this Nation.

Fight not against what God is doing!

Judgement is here but so is mercy and grace within that Judgement.

If it be of man it shall cease, if it be if God who can fight against it?

The only miracle I am looking for is repentance, not healings, not limbs growing back or the physical dead being raised, but the Spiritually dead being brought to life through the Spirit of God by the new birth which happens when you believe and call upon the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ, evidenced that shows by turning away from your sins and to Him!!!

Things are going to grow worse and worse in the natural realm, but many shall be saved because of it!!

The Body of Christ grows through persecution and tribulations…for God will add to the church daily according to those who are to be saved!!

Intercessor get on your face before God in spiritual sackcloth and ashes, repent for your sins and the sins of the Nation you live in. Look to Daniel, read the Word of God. The time is now and the day of salvation has arrived for whomsoever will.

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