Gospel Layers

People need the Gospel shared with them. They do not need to be “preached” with a judgemental, “I’m better than you tone of voice”.

They need to know why the Word was made flesh, why God became a man and died for us. Why His death had to happen, and how He conquered death and the grave rising to life on the third day never to die again. People need to know.

People need to know that sin is dreadfully awful and God is Holy and Just He cannot turn His eyes away from sin and let sinners come into His Holy presence for eternity.

First off if it were possible for an unsaved sinner to even come close to God’s Holy Presence that person would be consumed by fire, for God is holy, holy, holy and He is a consuming fire. The blood must be applied you cannot enter into His presence without the BLOOD. Remember the men that removed the covering of the Ark (where the Mercy Seat is and the blood is applied,) and they peered in? What happened? And why were they struck dead? Because the blood that covered the broken commandments was no longer covering them and judgement instantly took place!! Sin is the transgression/breaking of the law my friends and it must be judged.

Blood had to be shed in order for sin to be forgiven and washed away forever, punishment for sin had to take place because sin must be judged and punished.

In order for one being to do this, that BEING had to be perfect, holy, infallible and with no sin whatsoever. Bulls and goats could not settle this debt, no man could settle this debt, for all that is born from the seed of Adam is born with sin.

For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

This is why God the Father placed His Word in the form of a Seed into the womb of a virgin. If the seed would have came from man it would of had sin in it through the sperm which creates the blood in the unborn child. So, when Jesus was placed in the womb and He was born, He literally came from above. None other has ever been born from above or was conceived by a Spirit.

Though the enemy has twisted the scriptures trying(and successfully I might add) convince people that Jesus is just one of many that came from above and conceived by a spirit being. Hence the false doctrine of fallen angels (spirit beings that came from heaven) and human women having children. That doctrine diminishes the miracle conception and birth of the LORD and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and makes it sound like another mythological tale that happened thousands of years ago. If angels was able to produce children with earthly women then every one of their offspring would have been born sinless because sin entered in through Adam’s seed!!! That is a false doctrine from hell nowhere in the holy scriptures will you find scripture to interpret that doctrine, no where.

God in the flesh is the ONLY SUPERNATURAL BEING FROM HEAVEN ABOVE that came down and was born of an earthy woman, no other. He had to do this because only His Seed could create the precious, innocent blood needed to be able to wash away the sin of whosoever will! His blood had to be shed, for without the shedding of blood there is no remission (forgiveness) of sins. And He had to become the propitiation for our sins, in order to heal us from our sins! His stripes was for our being healed from sin! Jesus had to become sin for us, He who never sinned became sin for us!! He literally took your place, my place, the place of everyone that will believe and bore the judgement of God Almighty for us! Because sin must be judged and punished that is why He did it, that is why He came, because if He would not had we would all have to pay our own debt and that would take eternity.

Do you know what motivated Him so to speak? His love for us, while we were still in sin Christ died for us! He saved us for His Names Sake, we are His Inheritance He died for us! He rose again in order to give us life everlasting. God wishes for none to perish but for all to come to everlasting life.

This is just a little bit of the depths of the Gospel that people should be taught. Because there is so much false doctrine out there that has caused confusion and seems to “make sense” to the carnal mind.

Speak the truth and the truth will make them free, Jesus is the ONLY ONE THAT CAME FROM ABOVE AND BORN OF A WOMAN NO OTHER.

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