Cleaning and a thought in the form of a question came to, “Do you have any idea how many sins that alcohol attributes too?” 🤔 No I never thought about it before actually.

Drunk driving accidents killing innocence yet, sometimes the drunk driver is spared because of the alcohol induced state the body is in.

Drunk driving regardless of accident free.

Sexual assault.

Fetal alcohol poisoning.

Fetal alcoholism.

Birth defects







Dishonoring God.

Fights and rage.Jealousy.

And one that many do not even think about as a sin, but destroying the holy temple of God which is your body…the multiple alcohol related diseases and many that destroys this temple which we are.

This thought came to my mind not out of the blue mind you, but, because I was considering something that was not okay but I was unsure, so I was asking the LORD to show me.

He did.

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