Completely In Awe

It is time to lay back down and rest a while, but not without first sharing with you an amazing thing!!!!



***Since being sick and immobile I have had to rest and just try and relax. Well, two days ago before finding out I was positive I was sitting in my recliner and reached up where the tumor is on the side of my left breast. When I did, I thought it felt smaller and knew I was mistaken so I sat up and felt again…nope not mistaken I even put pressure on it which would normally be very painful….there was no pain. So…for the next day and half I keep touching it (still today lol) just to see if it is my imagination lol 🤣 yesterday in the bathroom because that is the only mirrors we have (I hate seeing myself lol) I lifted up my pj shirt and yup it is still quite a bit smaller than the other one. And I thought…

LORD when you heal me will it go back to normal or will I carry this reminder of your miracle?? So earlier this morning I went upstairs and made coffee and was cleaning the kitchen up and Richard was praising Jesus Christ for helping him find important papers he was looking for. I shared with him about a brother in Christ that wrote me about bee pollen, and the testimonials on cancer patients and that I had asked him what it looks like, was it like granules? He said yes and sent me a picture, well not even kidding you but I had bought some about a year ago and really have no idea why!! So I showed Richard the bag of it. Now I know why.

Then Richard said something that almost, and I stress almost left me speechless….he said he believes in modern medicine BUT he is discovering that God’s natural remedies are BETTER!!! STOP THE CLOCK AND WRITE IT DOWN, HE SAID WHAT?! That is when I mentioned the tumor and that I believe it is inverted or actually shrinking..he kinda just looked at me. So, I said I know this is probably gross to you but feel it. I put his hand on the mass and HIS FACE TOLD THE ENTIRE STORY!!! He said, “OH WOW 😳😲 THAT IS A LOT SMALLER!!!!!” then he says, “WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING KEEP DOING IT PRAYING WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING IT IS WORKING”! I said praying and taking all of the natural remedies. It was the size of a small egg! It is not anymore it is now about the size large black seedless grape 🍇 that was on sale a couple weeks ago at Polly’s lol.

Now let this be known straight up!! I do not have faith in the natural remedies I have faith in the One Who Created our bodies and created the things our bodies need in order to be healthy!! There is a difference just so you understand that, my faith is not misplaced in natural remedies my faith is in the Creator of all things! Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Only Begotten Son of God! So…then I went downstairs and started cleaning up after my kitties and a thought entered my mind, “He allowed you to get sick 😷 with COVID in order for you to stop being a MARTHA!”

Y’all can think I am crazy that is okay it matters little to nothing to me. But I stated I can’t have surgery because I was so cumbered with so many things to do….so instead of doing that which is needful which is sitting at the feet of Jesus and learning, resting, and putting Him first! He allowed me to get sick in order to stop me in my tracks and spend time with Him and time resting! Resting is needed for our bodies that is why the Sabbath (day of rest) was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So I am unsure if I will be able to see the surgeon on the 3rd only because I do not know anything about the incubation period or quarantine time when you gets this hyped up cold virus 🦠 so I will contact in the next few days. I thought about just a video but no that is not good enough she needs to see this and feel it for herself!! Okay now it is time to nap!

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