There Are Saul’s In The Church

As king Saul was jealous of David as the singers sung, “Saul slays his thousands and David his tens thousands”. Saul was so full of jealousy he was bent on killing him, he would throw javelins at him in hopes of throwing the deadly blow.

This is the same as those in the churches that have been serving God for years and then an ole backslidder, who is now forgiven, returns to the LORD and He begins to use them as they grow in Him. But those that have been looked at as “something” by teaching or preaching begins to have that spirit of jealousy that has laid dormant for so long is stirred up. This happens unfortunately more often than people realize. They will not only discredit, rip apart, and tear down the character of the forgiven person in the ears of those in the Church but they will even do it outside the church as well. All out of jealousy!

I have lived this since returning to the LORD myself. Someone that I love so dearly, someone that thought of me of as a daughter was turned against me, because of jealousy from their family against me. After we were reconciled that person was stripped from my life and now sits in a home, that one who despises me only allows certain people to visit them at their discretion not the person’s.

I have been gossiped on, told lies about, and was told by one that they knew the Bible they have been serving God for over 20+ years! I did not need to tell them anything! Then this same person went ahead and started gossiping to ME about fights in the Church, that I started attending and why they don’t go there anymore and that people were using the churches electricity and getting it for free etc etc. I was dumbstruck by this absolutely speechless!

Then turn around the following Sunday I go to church and who is sitting there? That exact same person who just said they would not attend! WOW!

Sometimes it is like a criminal returning to the scene of the crime they committed I suppose!

I tried to go to my mom’s church, the church I grew up in, but the same people that gossipped, lied, on me and told me things were there as well and was teaching, singing, etc.

So, I know what it is like to have a Saul in my life I have a whole family of them lol 🤣But, I pray for them I love them I just avoid them.

I actually walked into the Dollar General and saw this lady at the check out and I purposely walked the opposite direction to avoid her. I have nothing to say to them but I have prayers to God for them. I have watched these people destroy the faith of those in their own family then tear that person apart for walking away from God.

The root gossip and jealousy.

There are Saul’s in the churches. I stay away from the churches, to me most of them are nothing more than buildings that house those who look beautiful on the outside but inside are full of dead men’s bones. Hypocrites, vipers, white washed tombs…dead men walking. Rebellious people as Saul, who offered up the sacrifice when it was not his duty to do. Just like these women teaching men, being leaders over congregations.

Rebellious…women can preach/prophesy, but they are not to be Pastors or leaders over men it is out of order and rebellion against God.

Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall… jealousy turns into rage and rage is deadly physically as well as spiritually. I have not spoken to the family of my dear loved one for over three years probably longer. As a matter of fact they won’t even reach out to me, but they will my best friend concerning me…. figure that one out…

Saul’s they are and have javelins in their mouths ready to pierce my soul if given the chance. But I will not give them a reason but walk upright before God and man and ask, “what unrighteous thing have I done to make you want to kill me”?

Stand on the Word of God, abide in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ in you.

Do not look to the left nor to the right but keep your eyes on the prize! Jealousy is a horrible thing…

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