Breast Cancer Has Returned

I do not read anywhere that I have “given” up or that I have no faith, or that I will not “fight”.

I am going to be as plain and hopefully with love and say a few things to get things a bit straight.

First off, if it is the will of God for me to go home, I welcome that. I do not fear death because that is a fleeting moment to me as a daughter of God. Oh death where is thy sting oh grave where is thy victory. I stand on that.

For months those who are on my friends list have read how I have switched over to natural remedies, healthier eating habits, and as well as being very aware of what I put on my body as lotions, shaving cream, shampoos etc.

I take natural sublingual vitamins as well as minerals. Things God created for this body I try and put in and avoid things that are deadly to this body.

Now with that said, moving forward. My Heavenly Father was with me through chemo and radiation in 2017, before I returned to Him I was already in the midst of these horrible treatments. His hand was on me the entire time, never getting sick, never losing weight but gaining a lot instead, no loss of sleep nothing He was with me.

The only problem I had was my last radiation I had a horrible burn that placed me in the hospital for three days. Which was actually a blessing because when I left that hospital the Father spoke to me so gently and said, “You buy a pack of cigarettes you will continue to struggle with the addiction. You do not buy a pack and trust Me I will deliver you completely!”

I did not buy a pack and I have been nicotine free since July 2017. Without withdrawals. When I repented of my sins and asked Him to forgive me, He instantly removed alcohol addiction from my body and mind instantly! No withdrawals, no shakes, no nothing delivered! I was drinking 18 beers every single day for over two years in order to deal with the wretched life I had chosen. But drinking daily for over 4 years.

I know the miracles of God, I am a miracle of God!

When Nikki broke her leg, we prayed and her leg before our eyes was healed! Ronnie Allen had a horrible sore on his foot, we prayed he was healed! My friend Phil Draper was sick we prayed and he was healed. I know the miracles of God I do not stumble in my faith at all.

Me not having invasive surgery that could cause the cancer to spread once air hits it is not an option. Going through chemotherapy or radiation is not an option this time. These things are absolutely horrible for my body which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and I am very careful of what I put into and on my body these days.

Anyone that rushed out and took a vaccine or a booster for this manmade sickness really honestly should not, absolutely should not tell anyone to “have faith” when their faith was in a syringe and not in God.

My walk with Almighty God has been and is amazing! I love Him more than anything, and I have been tested, tried, and proved in that statement. I almost failed I admit because when you lose everyone and have nothing it is pretty hard, but He is faithful He was, and is with me.

I know the Power of God and I also know God. His Word is a lamp unto my feet and I look to Him for all answers. As well as I test everything and everyone these days according to His Word.

Sadly some people’s words are empty, vain, just vain because if you are not living according to the Pure Word of God or even by the words you speak that is a serious problem.

Test everything people test everything!

Now, God told Hezekiah to prepare that he was going to die, but Hezekiah cried to the LORD and God extended his life 15 years. It would have been better if he would have just died actually. Others the LORD prepared, telling them to get their house in order. Some good some not so good.

I do not know what tomorrow brings, I have not cried about the possibility of dying. Because I personally believe to be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD. But it is as if I hear a faint whisper saying, “it is necessary for me to be here and that through me God will be glorified”. And that will have absolutely nothing to do with deadly medicines and procedures by fallible man.

God has been and is so good to me, obviously I do not deserve His mercy, His grace, or His love. But guess what? Not one of you reading this does either! We were all born sinners and need THE SAVIOR. All of our righteousness is as filthy rags, but when I was born again His Righteousness was imputed to me! Praise God.

Yes, my heart gets heavy, I have many things to do, and places He is still sending me. I know this, but what I do not know is if I will be healed to glorify Him or if by His grace and His light will shine so brightly through me as I endure if that is how He will be glorified.

I do not now.

I do know that many are deceived and are deceiving others and it is time to examine yourselves and make sure you are still in the faith.

Many still adhere and teach false doctrines. Many are in offices that have put them in rebellion with God. Many are living in adultery and deny this but justifying their life.

I say these things in order for you all to understand. My faith in God is firm, my walk with Him is good, and all is well with my soul

Make sure yours is too.

I love you all dearly, I pray for you. We may not speak and if we do happen to see each other there is little to know Godly love sadly displayed anymore.

Have a good night, look to Jesus Christ for all things! Keep your vessels and your lamps full the day is passing and night is fastly approaching.

God is able to humble the proud if we do not humble ourselves…

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