Apostolic Bible Polyglot

In Oct of 2008 the American Bible Society presented Pope Benedict the 16th with the Apostolic Bible Polyglot with Vatican and American society seals all over it.

This Bible IS NOT THE PURE WORD OF GOD and should be avoided along with the NIV, ASV, RSV, ETC…

1611 Authorized King James Bible is the Pure, , inerrant, infallible Word of God in English!

I thank God for protecting me in the journey to Truth, someone had suggested I read the Apostolic Bible Polyglot that itcwas the true Bible and I did for a while until I started seeing inconsistencies and I put it down.

There are inconsistencies and broken scriptures in every English Bible except the real A. V. 1611, NOT THE 1769 KJV the one Bible most read from. There are errors in that, puncuation making things mean differently than the true meaning, capitalization when it is not supposed to be so, pronouns are changed as well as Grammer. God has a reason for what He does EVERYTHING has a purpose!

In the 1611 A. V. Remember the Ye is plural the thee, thy, and thines are singular other than that it is not difficult to understand when you have the Author of the book living within you!

Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus pray, seek God for the Truth! Please do not allow pride to stand in your way to the Truth.

Let me remind you in Paul’s day they were corrupting the Word of God, they were even writing letters that was not from Paul. Damnable heresies perverting the Word of God. So “older” does not mean truth!

I love you all.

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