Beware Of The Blade

📍 Beware of the blade!

📖 John 10:10 The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

📍 Have you ever heard about how the Inuit Tribes kill wolves?

You’re not gonna believe this one!

📍 First, the Inuit people coat the blade of his knife with animal blood and allow it to freeze. He then adds and freezes more layers of blood, several coats, in fact, until the blade is completely covered with frozen blood. Next, he plants his knife in the snow, the blade facing up, and goes about his business.

🐺 When a wolf finds his way to the luring aroma of fresh blood, he starts licking. Then more and more vigorously, lapping it until the sharp blade of the knife is exposed. However, by this point, so intense is his craving for the scrumptious blood, that the wolf does not notice the sharp sting of the blade on his own tongue, nor does he even realize that his ravenous craving is now being satisfied by his very own blood! By the light of dawn, the hunter will find him lying dead in the snow.

📍 Sin entices and seduces us in precisely the same way. Satan lures us to the place where he plans to ravage us with some sort of destructive fleshly pleasure — gossip, rage, sexual sin, etc. Once we give in to its lustful pleasures, our craving for it increases. If we allow ourselves to indulge, it grips us all the more. And before we know it — it can completely consume us.

📍 Let’s begin recognizing our enemy’s tactics upon us! There is no more time to give in to his destructive ways!

📖 We must strive to walk in holiness and righteousness for the glory of God’s Kingdom!


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