Turning The Jacob Prasch Stone


scribal well

Jewish? Only By Privileged Citizenship Thro’ Marriage

I don’t always relish turning over stones, and not necessarily because of what I might find, altho’ that has been the case many, if not most of the time. Jacob Prasch seems to have spoken into a needful area in Christian doctrine and beliefs, yet, in stumbling upon information on Jacob the other day, my attention was directed to further research.

Some descriptions used of Jacob Prasch are not necessarily my own. Further tho’t needs to be given.

The first article presented to me, was informing the reader of Jacob’s questionable claim to Jewish status. Much research has borne this out, as his claim apparently, is based upon the fact of his marriage to a Jewish woman, altho’ it seems his comments simply lead people to believe he is a Jew. He has argued this point numerous times, and leaves me with an…

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