Evils Spirits Everywhere

There are evil spirits that are attached to things in this world.

They are rulers of darkness and they do exist.

Now if you, as a believer are watching horror movies, going to haunted houses, haunted corn mazes, participating in holidays God calls abominations, listening to wicked music i.e. Billie Elish, reading Stephen King and other authors etc.

And you are going through, non stop “trials” it may not be trials they are doorways you have opened and have allowed these rulers of darkness entrance in your homes, your life, and your children lives.

You are playing with things God says to stay away from because there are curses attached to them.

Reflect on the things you are allowing in your homes and your eyes to see and your ears to hear.

You cannot serve two masters my friends. You can not partake of the things of this world and be a servant of Christ. He said come out from among them and touch not the unclean thing.

Don’t play with your soul. More importantly don’t play with God, you will lose.

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