Are You Sure You Are Ready

Do you have the resolve to be imprisoned if you refuse this “jab”?

Are you ready to be intimidated, to endure the threats and the rough behavior given by those in authority over you?

I had a small taste a few weeks ago at Henry Ford hospital in Jackson, Michigan.

Not to take the jab but to have the test administered in my nose. I had went this entire time without having a test taken, not from fear but because I have no idea if those swabs are clean and for them to get so close to the BBB (blood brain barrier) I did not want to risk it.

I told them no, I do not want the test done. The nurse said it was the law, I said I refuse it. Not angrily not yelling very calmly.

I was given a pain killer without my knowledge that made me sleepy. I fell asleep and woke up by soothing tickling my nostril. I said Hey! The nurse ran out of the room, she was actually trying to take the test by knocking me out with drugs!

About 20 minutes later the SAME THING! But this time I was not sleeping and when she approached me I said, this has got to stop! She jumped and hid the swab behind her back and said she was checking to see if I needed anything for pain!

She lied and was sneaky totally destroying any trust I had for any medical worker! Even my own family I do not trust any of them.

Not even 7 minutes later a loud obnoxious head nurse came in and I said she was there to give me a test. I sat up and said no I refuse. She said you cant it is the law and I had no rights concerning it! Then she asked why I refused it. I told her about the BBB and I did not believe they were safe. She said they do not even go that deep. Then she started yelling at me telling me, how she has worked this pandemic ftom the beginning and has seen many die.
Then she said we can do this the easy way or the hard way. And I could do it myself, then she went to the door and nodded.


I was not only shocked but truth be told I was scared! These people were not nice, not concerned for my well being at all. They were extremely rude, sneaky, betrayed my trust completely and threatened me as well as intimidated me.

The one guard began to grab my arm, the nurse said wait and handed me the swab and administered the test myself.

This was just a precursor to the next step and it will be take the jab or go to jail.

After going through that I pray that the LORD will give me the strength, His courage, to be able to say no and stand regardless of threats and force.

So again’t are you going to stand in your conviction or give in to the pressure? Pray now for God’s strength to help endure it all.

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