Not My Will But Thy Will Be Done

Perspective while crafting and cleaning today: Lots are having a come apart regarding “rights” etc.. not that we don’t notice these thing or have our concerns HOWEVER, Jesus did tell us NOT to be offended when we see things happening as they MUST happen to fulfill prophecy (A One World Gov’t, Currency, Religion, etc. has to come about in prophecy and that means collapses will happen as well as persecutions) 

The Apostle John was banished to the Isle of Patmos, this was a method of imprisonment from the Roman Gov’t at that time to banish people to Islands. Once a prisoner, you of course lost all your property and possessions and you most assuredly lost any “rights” you had. I find no where in my Scriptures of the Apostle John bad mouthing the Gov’t, those in power or even those who banished him to the Island – I do not find anywhere in my Scriptures where he protested and fought for his rights – He knew (from Scriptures and walking with the Living Word of God The Lord Jesus Himself) that his citizenship was in heaven and this world was not his home, he was just passing through – He realized there is only TRUE freedom in Christ. 

Wow, just think if John would have been worried about his comfort, his rights, his so called “freedom” – instead on that Island, he pressed into his Savior and received a vision from the Lord that we can barley comprehend other than through his writing in the book of Revelation (literally “The Revealing”) He saw heaven, he saw his Savior and he was given the task of recording the ONLY book out of our 66 books of the canon which pronounce a BLESSING on all who read it. I am in no way saying that I, or any of us should compare ourselves with The Apostle John – 

What I did ponder (and will continue to) and the perspective I glean is this… There is absolutely NOTHING in this world that I want, need or worth fighting for that would be more precious (and eternal) than pressing into my Savior in these times of trouble and being available for His Will, His Plan, His Timing and what He wants from me and has called me to do – can’t think of anything more valuable or precious.

John was more blessed than all the “free” at that time put together. Not my will but THINE….

Sherry Lynn Szada-Olinger

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