Sugar Coated Candy Christianity

Another day sitting in the van at the Dialysis Center with nothing but my thoughts.
As I sit here, the Holy Spirit is ministering to me and opening my understanding to many things that I have questioned in life.
I woke up thinking (from minimal sleep again) of the men and women of God that is written about in the scriptures.
Jeremiah, Hannah, Ruth, Naomi, Abraham, Jacob, Judah, Job, David and so many more. Like John, Paul, James, Peter, Barnabas, Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary of Magdela who had 7 devils, even Mark.
Not one of these men and women who were considered faithful, and who were loved dearly by God had it easy. Not one…Jeremiah was told he was chosen before he was in his mothers womb had it very rough. He was hated, called a liar, thrown in a pit. Job who was blameless and upright, feared God and ran away from evil, a very great man on earth at that time, went through a literal hell on earth at the hands of the devil and his so called friends, yet allowed by God. His own wife told him to curse God and kill yourself!

Paul after being converted, (born again), he was taught by divine revelation of Jesus Christ, by Jesus Himself for 3 years. But afterward was beaten, ship wrecked, stoned, left for dead, hated, given a messenger of Satan to buffet him, told by God that His grace was sufficient and to basically quit asking for deliverance from the suffering of that messenger of satan, Felix even thought he had went insane from too much learning.

Think about Mary, a young virgin who was espoused/engaged, is told by an angel that she was going to give birth to the Son of God who would take the sin of the world away and her heart would be pierced. She was a virgin yet in mans eyes and even her espoused future husbands eyes she appeared to be a harlot because she was pregnant and not married and her child was not Josephs! The confusion she had to endure as Joseph, (though he cared deeply for her) was going to divorce her (because when you are betrothed it is as you are married without the ceremony or consummation yet). The whispers and finger pointing, yet the joy she had to be experiencing knowing that God our Creator chose her to bring forth the Christ child! How long did people murmur and gossip about her and Joseph? After Joseph was told by an angel what was happening, he married Mary, but did not have sex with her until Jesus was born. People knew that she was already pregnant, dates don’t line up from marriage ceremony to birth of firstborn son. Ridicule, shame, yet mixed emotions of joy and thankfulness.

Now mind you I am in no way comparing myself to these great men and women of God. But their circumstances, their hardships is written for us to read and understand.

It is written that the kingdom of God suffers violence but the violent take it by force.

What does that really mean?
The road that is straight and narrow is less traveled because it is a very hard road to walk and stay on, for many are called but few are chosen, few will remain steadfast and endure unto the end.
The sugar coated candy Christianity that is taught today has decieved and is deceiving millions and leading them to hell.
You cannot speak anything into existence, you are not God. You cannot name something then claim it and it happens that is not biblical. If you get sick it has nothing to do with lack of faith or sin in your life, it has to do with the fact we live in a fallen world and death is not yet thrown into the lake of fire yet! Those that hold this doctrine are an embodiment of Eliphaz the Temite, Jobs friend who claimed Job’s misfortune and sickness was vecause of sin and he needed to repent. Yet God was very wroth with Eliphaz and even said that thing he spoke of HIM WAS NOT RIGHT!
If you are struggling to pay bills, put food on your table, that does not mean you are not blessed of God! Trials must take place in order to purify us and grow in faith. Material wealth is not an indication your on your way to heaven and that God is pleased with your life!
These are just a few false doctrines that is being taught and the one behind it is Satan!
If you are living in sin, yet you speak in tongues you have a demonic tongue. If you are living in sin and your prayers seem to be answered all the time, the enemy is answering them not God. The scriptures tell us if we have iniquity in our hearts that God will not hear us. So what is iniquity? It is the sin you refuse to give up! You are shown the truth, yet make excuse to continue to live in sin and satan continues to bless you in order to enforce your strong delusion that it is from God!

Anyone who is living in this deception is not taking a hold of the kingdom by force and striving to enter in at the straight gate!
If you have not even once been put into the refiners fire you need to ask God why? You need to plead with Him to show you what is in your heart. If you have been serving God for years and not once been placed in the furnace of affliction you need to get on your knees and grasp ahold of the horns of the altar and find out why!
Jesus said very plain that we are not greater than our Master, He suffered, He did not even have a place to lay His head! He was despised, a man of sorrows, He had a small circle of friends and yet every single one deserted Him at His hour of need. One betrayed Him and kissed His cheek so those who were there to arrest would know it was Him. The other who swore He would die with Him not only deserted Him but denied even knowing Him, not once but 3 times! He told us that those in our own household would turn on us, that we would be hated for His namesake, we would endure persecution and tribulation and some will be even be killed because of Him!
Yet the sugar coated candy Christianity deception has millions believing to be blessed materially, be healthy never getting sick, is the favor of God and that whatever you speak will happen because you are a little god on earth and that creating power God has you now have! lies, lies, lies!
Am I grieving? Yes, I am because so many are decieved and they watch false teachers and preachers and then open the scriptures and read into it what they were taught by them charlatans and not read what it actually says! I am angry because many I love are living a lie and are not even aware of it! I am full of sorrow because if you show them what scripture actually says without adding a word otherwise they refuse to believe and accept it because teacher so and so says it doesnt really mean what it says!
We are that wicked adulterous generation and being called adulterous is not accidental! Millions upon millions of men and women who claim Christ is living in adultery yet appear to be full of wisdom, blessed beyond words, and still lay in a bed of adultery! Millions upon millions who claim Christ celebrate paganism with a Christian label and think God is ok with it. I am saddened because millions upon millions believe repentance is a work and not needed!
I knew a woman who claimed to be a Christian and she would write on a piece of paper an amount of money she wanted. And low and behold a few days later she would recieve it! This woman did not live a Godly life by any means and in her mind God was blessing her!
Yes I am not a favorite of most and I do not have a desire to be, I used to, but my desire is to die to in this flesh in order to live with Christ. Not gain the popular vote.

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