Death Bed

I dont know if any of you have witnessed another who is extremely sick, that is hanging onto life by mere minutes.

What happens with a majority of people who are in the last stages of life is quite baffling to scientist and lay people.

What can take place is, one day they will be on their death bed, then suddenly without explanation they will be energetic, talkative, and seem like a miracle has taken place and they are on the road to recovery, just so the next day or so they fall back onto the death bed but this time to close their eyes one last time.
Why this happens is a true mystery, but we can glean some insight into it when we look at it with spiritual eyes and applying it to our spiritual walk.

When we are born again we died with Christ on the Cross, in order to understand it look at water baptism.

Death, burial, and resurrection.
You are emerged into water with your sin, which represents being emerged into Christ with our sin, we are completely covered head to toe in the water representing death to that sin and being cleansed from it. The water represents burial, being cleansed by the blood of Christ and dying to the old person we once was, then we are raised out of the water representing the resurrection, our new life in Christ.

Now at that new birth the old person we once was, dies, and we literally are changed. The things we once did we no longer do, not as a work but because we genuinely do not have a desire to do them. That is the evidence of the new birth. Like the wind, you can’t see it but you can see the evidence if it.

Now as we grow in our faith and walk with the LORD Jesus the old nature/our old personality tries to rear its ugly head in us. But each time we must put it back to death.

In each of our lives we become who we are by how we were raised, people who influenced us things we have
experienced, whether it be good, bad or indifferent. These things can have a lasting effect and even be triggers inside us, creating things that have powered our response mechanism to situations. Some good and some bad. These things are deep within the recesses of our souls and must be purged out pruned by THE LORD in due season.
So when the LORD deems it is that season He will allow things to happen in order to bring to surface things inside us that we had no idea still was a factor in us.
For instance if someone hurts you, your mechanism could be to shut down, or to hurt back, or rage. But the Father is allowing these things to take place in order to remove them from our heart and for us to die to self, our wants, our desires, our pride.
Now during this dying process He is merciful, and He will even keep the situation at bay for a day or so in order for you to regain your faculties and breath. Then what follows is the death bed occurence. After our day of mercy the LORD lifts His hand and allows even more to come our way that basically will draw all the ugly put of us!
Now with someone who is dying naturally from a disease they will quietly pass.
But let’s take a look at someone who is being strangled or beaten to the point of death.
What does that person do? They fight with everything in them to stay alive! Until the struggle becomes too much and they quit fighting and give in to death. I can say I speak from experience, I was strangled to the point of death once in my life, I struggled to breath to stay alive then I simply gave up and was yielding to death from pure exhaustion. By the grace of God I survived but that is another memory.

The flesh must be put to death, that old personality and defence mechanism has got to get out, in order for us to know what remains deep within. God in His infinite mercy and love will allow things to happen (no He does not do these things He allows them) so the that ugly thing called pride, anger, unforgiveness, lust whatever it may be will be brought to the surface. He will allow people in your life for that very purpose! He will allow sickness, tragedy, betrayal, lies, whatever your trigger is He will allow it to happen. You see what Satan means for evil God will turn for good to those who love Him.
Yesterday was my mercy time, then quickly turned into my fighting to stay alive time all the while being shown the ugliness of the sin that was buried deep within as it was coming to the surface.
One minute pleading and crying, the next being mean with hurtful words. One minute wanting to die the next struggling to live. One minute being manipulative the next transparent, one minute thinking of drinking and smoking the next clinging to the Word of God!
Yes this sounds very much like an unstable person because death of any kind is not easy and the flesh and the Spirit is at enimity with one another and is always wrestling one against the other.
Apostle Paul knew this struggle all to well and the Father would not remove the thorn in the flesh, but gave Paul grace to endure it. This thorn kept Paul humble because pride was creeping around the corner from the things he saw, heard and was taught as well as how God was using him.
Dont despise things that seem “unfair” dont become bitter by lies and betrayal, be thankful that God is allowing it because He loves you and wants you to be without spot, wrinkle or blemish in the day He tells Jesus to take us home!
I admit I am wore out, I am tired, but the LORD is in the midst of this and He has nothing but good that will come from it! If I lay my life down and surrender all.

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