Black Sheets

Had another very strange dream, it would be understandable if I dabbled in entertainment such as any form of tv, movie, radio, etc but I do not, the most entertainment I have gotten in a form of tv was last night at the gas station, on the pump tv monitor it was playing ads.

Like one from the State of Michigan encouraging people to get the vaccine and be entered into a lottery to win millions…I was dumbstruck, personally myself, that screams huge deception if they are pushing this thing so hard but I digress.

Anyway my dream…I and others were looking outside there were literally black clouds rolling in, very, very black people were so scared. I was a bit apprehensive as well but something was not right about them. I went out onto my porch and it was covered in literal sheets of black, and I mean literal sheets of black hanging down.

I started telling everyone do not be afraid, do not be afraid this is not real this is fake, and I started grabbing ahold of the sheets and pulling them down saying in the NAME OF JESUS and I kept pulling them down then others started to do the same thing…

I know it was strange lol and I am not saying it was from God or there is a big spiritual meaning in it. Just so odd why I dream crazy stuff as that a lot. lol

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