Do Not Allow Evil Imaginations To Exalt Itself Above God

I have no idea if this will even show up. Somehow I have messed up this keyboard and twice I have tried to type something and I press a key and it disappears lol

Anyway, the pain that has been coursing through these joints has tremendously eased up, THANK YOU FATHER.
I started taking the Kratom, Linda suggested as well as the MSM a brother in Christ recommended. Prayer was number 1 and was most beneficial though not only physically but emotionally as well.

I know the LORD has allowed this and that makes me sit back and examine myself to see why, and see if there is a crack in my armor that has allowed the enemy to access. Or is the LORD allowing this to keep me humble or close to Him? I do not know, but after I dried the tears I thanked the Father anyway for allowing it to happen. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts and He has a plane for me for good and not evil I just must keep the faith and praise Him.

We now have a deadline for Aug. 1st to have everything moved, cleaned, painted, and mowed in order to put the house on the market.

I have went throughout the basement with the vacuum sucking all the spiderwebs down, used the dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air, sprayed homemade lavender spray, placed moth balls around, put up tarps to block the water softener, and the bladder, been keeping lights on so it will be well lit, then bought a portable air conditioner/dehumidifier. I actually hung up a couple of pieces of drywall up and put wall paper on it to make it a bit more homey. I threaded an extension cord over the wall for power on this side, because there is no outlets. I put a tarp over some large pipes that were over my bed and I have settled in very happy with the blessing from God.

After recording Ch. 61 of Chiniquy last night, Nikki came down and was going to sleep in her bed in my room for the night. The large portion of the basement is going to have wood floors put in it so where her room, the game and tv room will be is not ready to be fixed up until Lowes comes and does the flooring. I went upstairs, the toilet overflowed as I am plunging it, sewages started dripping from the pipes onto my bed. Nikki yelling to quit plunging and comes upstairs to try and fix it. We put a white bucket on my bed to catch the drips and my mind and emotions began to swirl like crazy.

I then go to the basement, trying to bridle my tongue and holding back tears. I begin to remove the pillows, blankets, and sheets off of my bed to wash them. There is a huge hole that is located under where I placed my bed. When the radon men came and test for radon and put a pipe and a fan leading out of the basement they sealed that whole with plexy glass. So I thought if I put my bed over it, that it would prevent me from walking on glass and breaking it. Now, I wonder if that huge hole was there for these kinds of leaks? I have no idea. So as I am looking around and accessing what to do, thoughts like, ‘some blessing’, ‘you live like a rat’, ‘see what God thinks of you’ Just WICKED THOUGHTS that exalted themselves above God, I began to just cry overwhelmed by everything. I was ashamed of my thoughts, and then began to condemn self by thinking God blessed me according to what I deserved which is nothing. Realizing that those thoughts were not my thoughts I cried even harder and was ashamed for even giving the enemy a second to influence me.

I began to look on the positive side, first I was not in the bed that is a huge blessing and extremely merciful of God. Second these things are not setbacks but spring boards to humility not self pity. Thirdly I am not on the streets and my treasures are in Heaven not here on earth.

Then I come to the conclusion that this room is more for storage than equipped as a bedroom. There is plenty of room for the metal shelves we have to store all of the food we canned, as well as other supplies. The other room with the boiler is perfect for dehydrating foods, canning, and minor crafts with the kids. It takes more energy using an extension cord anyways and it is much safer to use outlets and not overpower them.

God is GOOD He is MERCIFUL His GRACE is most definitely SUFFICENT He allows things to happen in our lives, some good, some bad, but all for our benefit to ensure we draw closer to Him and rejoice no matter of the circumstances.

I feel I fail these trials and tests because of crying, but I am human still, a fragile being made of dust and God knows that. Having emotions are not sinful the sin comes when when we exalt those feelings over God and begin to listen to the enemy to have pity on ourselves.

I am blessed greatly and it has nothing to do with being deserving, because I thank God I do not get what I deserve which is the lake of fire!! I am blessed because He is MERCIFUL

Pamela JoyousNJesus McDonald

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