I Will Answer For Myself No Other.

I will stand on His Word regardless if I am accepted by others.

The enemy knows each of us and he is well aware of our desires we have in the flesh.

Afterall, we have been studied as individuals since birth and as a race since creation. They are aware of every temptation, action, emotion, and word has been duly noted but the enemies of our souls.

All of my life I have wanted to not only be loved, but liked. I would do, or be anything I had to in order to be liked and fit in. That is a huge personality flaw of mine and one the enemy is well aware of.

These last few days I have been struggling very much with this fleshly desire. But I cannot absolutely cannot change or retract what the Holy Spirit has taught me, I just cannot, I must remain faithful to Him.

What kind of servant would I be? Unstable for sure, and unprofitable if I allow others to persuade me to believe as they do when it goes against the Word.

I cannot nor will I ever force my beliefs on another, everyone is at different levels in the LORD and each ones Godly knowledge and Godly wisdom is on different levels.

Like an onion with layers you could say. I may be at the top layer but I must stand true to that layer until the Holy Spirit takes me to the next layer. Like line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little.

I have prayed since 2017 for the Father to send me an elder, someone who can help me, teach me, correct me, rebuke me, and pray for me. I still wait for that person, each time I think He has sent one to me I find it not to be so and they leave. I have prayed for fellowship with other believers either in a building we call church or on here.

There are a few churches in my area, but, I cannot go to them. I will not go to a Church that does Easter egg hunts or places trees in their sanctuary for pagan holidays. Nor will I go where there are female Pastors, so there is nowhere for me to, but, not from lack of desire.

So until He sends me an elder or a Church I will continue to study and pray at home alone.

Regardless if others agree or disagree I must stand on what I believe the Holy Scriptures teach without mans interpretations.

I do not believe in secular holidays, I do not believe in a pre tribulation rapture, I do not believe in fallen angels procreating, I do not believe in divorce and remarriage, I do not believe women are to be leaders in the Church, or teach men.

I used to believe in all of these things so I am not ignorant to them.

I do believe all gifts are still given today and active. I do believe women as well as men, are given the gift of prophesy, interpretation of tongues, and gift of tongues which are speaking gifts and is used in Church. But I also believe that 3 elder men are to judge to make sure it is from the LORD.
These things I was taught by the Holy Spirit through Holy Scripture, but, I cannot convince any nor am expected to convince anyone what I believe only the Holy Spirit can and I will leave it at that.

Since being in here I now believe from others, and studying and praying that predestination and election is true. As far as understanding it completely I cannot say I do, but, I will continue ue to search and pray about it.

I love you all dearly and pray and desire fellowship.

I cannot though retract what I know to be true and what is man made fables and interpretation of scripture.

God bless and keep us all burning for Him and stay in His Word.

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