The Humble Always Looks Up, The Proud Look Down!

💙💚🤎Rejoice, this is the day that the Lord has made!💙💚

🤎🤍 📖 Psalm 69:32 The humble shall see this, and be glad: and your heart shall live that seek God. 

🤎There is an important lesson here and in other places of God’s Word, namely that humility and gladness go together.What do the humble and the joyous have in common? They both look up. 💚The humble are those who don’t look down on anyone. The truly humble look up all the time. They have to look up, because their eyes are on God, and He’s above them. 

💙The joyous are always looking up as well, otherwise they wouldn’t be rejoicing. 🤍The joyous are believing the Good News, so they rejoice! 

🤎The prideful, however, are those who think they are above everything else and so they look down on people. The prideful are connected to the others who look down, the cynical, the doubting, the despairing, the depressed, the sorrowful and the hopeless.

 💚In the same way that the humble and the joyous go together, so do pride and despair. 💙Humility leads to joy. Pride leads to despair. 🤍Let’s get our eyes off ourselves, off of our problems, off of the world around us.

 🤎Let’s fix our eyes on Him, the Redeemer of our souls. 💚Those who look up in humility, also look up in joy! 💙Together, let’s fix our eyes on Him and be glad!

Sherry Lynn Szada-Olinger

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