A Quote From Charles Chinquy

The following quote is from the Book, “Fifty Years In The Church Of Rome”, by Charles Chiniquy from the 1800’s.

He actually denounces the ridiculousness of fallen angels and women procreating and tells us where this folly came from! The LORD will ALWAYS confirm the TRUTH WHILE EXPOSING THE LIES!

Yet, so many Christians are fond of the lie that has been told, rather than read Genesis 6 themselves asking the LORD to help them empty themselves out of the lies they have been taught and read it AS IT IS WRITTEN! NOWHERE does it remotely say God destroyed the earth with a flood because of the angels! It says because 6:5-6 And God saw the wickedness of MAN WAS GREAT in the earth, and that EVERY IMAGINATION OF THE THOUGHTS OF HIS HEART WAS ONLY EVIL CONTINUALLY. It repented the LORD that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart.

That my friends is why God destroyed man from the face of the earth!

That is why Noah was spared! It had NOTHING to do with a “pure blood line” like many try to say! Noah had brothers and sisters why were they not spared if it was because his bloodline was pure? Theirs would have been too!

Jesus told us in the last days it would be as in the days of Noah and it is! Peoples hearts are becoming more wicked and they are constantly devising evil plans, lawlessness is becoming the norm since 2020! Police are being restricted from enforcing law and order, they are being demonized because of a select few who did wickedly. Protestors were allowed to run amuck destroying whole cities, blocking traffic, vandalizing peoples cars and threatening them if they would not comply with their demands! Race against race, good being labeled evil, and evil being called good! This is what Jesus was talking about. He was NOT talking about DNA MANIPULATION! Throughout scripture you will read where God tells the children of Israel as well as the Church to REMOVE THE EVIL FROM US! Why? Because it is like a disease it will spread and overcome the good! Just like Paul says DO NOT LET BAD COMPANY CORRUPT GOOD MANNERS!

Please read what Charles Chinquy wrote below:

“No. The only thing which Dr. Newman brings us from the Holy Fathers is so ridiculous and so unbecoming that I am ashamed to have to repeat it. He tells us (page 78), “I have an idea. The mass of the Fathers (Justin, Athenagoras, Ireanaeus, Clement, Tertullian, Origen, Ambrose) hold that, though Satan fell from the beginning, the angels fell before the deluge, falling in love with the daughters of men. This has lately come across me as a remarkable solution of a notion I cannot help holding.” Allow me here to remind the reader that, though the Fathers have written many beautiful evangelical pages, some of them have written the greatest nonsense and the most absurd things which human folly can imagine. Many of them were born and educated as pagans. They had learned and believed the history and immorality of their demi-gods; they had brought those notions with them into the Church; and they had attributed to the angels of God, the passions and love for women which was one of the most conspicuous characters of Jupiter, Mars, Cupid, Bacchus, ect. And Dr. Newman, whose want of accuracy and judgment is so often revealed and confessed by him in this book, has not been able to see that those sayings of the Fathers were nothing but human aberrations. He has accepted that as Gospel truth, and he has been silly enough to boast of it. The bees go to the flowers to make their precious honey; they wisely choose what is more perfect, pure and wholesome in the flowers to feed themselves. Dr. Newman does the very contrary; he goes to those flowers of past ages, the Holy Fathers, and takes from them what is impure for his food. After this, is it a wonder that he has so easily put his lips to the cup of the great enchantress who is poisoning the world with the wine of her prostitution?”

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