A Prisoner Of Christ

Paul was a “prisoner of Christ” not of the jailers or of Rome… “He is there FOR Christ and NOT because of Rome ~ There is NO mention of Paul protesting “I’m innocent” or “I’m here unjustly” ~ He is not protesting in prison, He is preaching!” 

He KNOWS God, who is ALL Sovereign and not a hair of our head fall to the ground without His knowing or permission has him there.. 

“Paul’s imprisonment was NOT because WHO was in office politically but WHO is on the Throne SOVEREIGNLY” 

Persecution can and will come to fulfill the Will of God “If Paul had not been in prison, we would not have Ephesians in our Bibles, we would not have Philippians in our Bibles, we would not have Colossians in our Bibles, and we certainly would not have Philemon in our Bibles” Paul had his eyes on the Spiritual ~ NOT the politics of the day He walked by Faith not sight and was about his Father’s Business 


Be edified and encouraged more below 👇

🙌 Why Is This In The Bible? Philemon 1-7 – May 2nd, 2021 – YouTube

Sherry Lynn Szada-Olinger

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