God That Does The IMPOSSIBLE!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I wanted to share something with you and ask you all to be praying with me on this matter.

I have a huge desire to help those who society has rejected, those who have been abused, used, and mistreated. Those who cant get any help because they do not have a home they live on the streets.

The children who are in need of not only food and shelter but in need of knowing the LORD Jesus Christ and learning that in Him is comfort, love and rest.

I do not want money from them or from the government either, I believe with all of my heart and soul that I serve the God of Creation, who made the Heavens and the Earth and that nothing is too big for Him nor too small for Him to care about.

I get every day in my email homes and land for sale in Michigan and I got this a couple of days ago. I can’t get it off my mind and so I am praying and asking our Father if it be His Will then to please make a way that I can buy it and begin to bring those in need in and teach them about YOU!

I am asking for what most would say is impossible but I know GOD ALMIGHTY CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE!

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