What They Are Doing Right Under Our Noses And Many Are Unaware

We are bombarded on every side with this stuff and YES… it is extremely bad for your health!! 😣☠️

😖 🗣 Was having this conversation with a Sis in Christ this morning so thought I would share some of the below regarding EMF’s 📌 They come from cable boxes, modems, laptops, phones, and a biggie is the so called “smart meters” for your electric… ‼️📢

📌 PSA ALERT – A few things we have done that makes a HUGE difference as well: ‼️ 📌 Our modem is covered with tin foil and we turn off the internet at night when we sleep and put our phones on airplane mode ‼️

📌 Smart meter cover‼️I cant emphasize enough the need for a smart meter cover – most of us don’t have a choice in having a smart meter but you can protect yourself – ours sits on the outside wall of the kitchen – hubs knows I am in the kitchen a lot and used an EMF (electromagnetic frequency) gauge to test – an acceptable level is around 15-20.. when walking in our kitchen the detector shot up over 200 – getting closer to the sink and stove it jumped over 900!!!!$15 and less than 5 minutes to install the smart meter cover and levels went down to 25. ⚠️

📢‼️ We know they are bombarding us on every level but there are measures you can take to protect yourselves.5G is their endgame… (this has already been installed up and down our street and the tower is less than a mile from us in both directions) 🙄😬 🙏 Christians should be praying against it – if you are unaware of just how dangerous “smart” meters and 5G are, then PLEASE look into it and educate yourself and don’t be spoon fed the programming.🙏

🕊 Wise as serpents, harmless as doves – we are not ignorant to the enemy and his devices.. he is the prince of the air after all… think about “radio waves” etc.. take it to prayer and educate yourself on these matters – you may have health issues caused by some of these things and simple steps could alleviate migraines, insomnia, low immunity, etc. We have taken measures to decrease the risks..

..1️⃣, we pray about it a lot… 

2️⃣ we put tin foil around our modem – you do not have to do it tight – just put a tin foil border all the way around it.. (article below) ~ We also turn off the wifi at night when we go to bed. Phones on airplane mode – (One week out of the month hubs has to leave his phone on as he is on call.. he is a light sleeper so he leaves it in the living room and not right next to him.) 

3️⃣ The EMF screen listed above (picture below – you can get these at Amazon – took about 10 minutes to install) 🌵 🌵Also many air plants and plants in the cactus family are good at “soaking up” the EMF’s 🌵 (link below)🕊

🌿 I personally thank the Lord and find it amazing that Ivy is in abundance growing wild all around the side of the house where our “smart meter” is located…. God is GOOD (this is one of the plants that soaks up EMF’s) In your office (home or otherwise) you are around a laptop, cell and other devices a lot ~ incorporate some succulents, an aloe or a spider plant or ivy into the décor 🌵🌿 spruce up your office area and protect yourself as well Be informed and be vigilant with your own health. 🌿 


Sherry Lynn Szada-Olinger

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