God is good brothers and sisters regardless of the circumstances going on in our lives.

When things go good we rejoice but we find it difficult to do the same through hard times though. During the hard times in our lives we must never forget He is doing something in our lives that will perfect our souls if we stay focused on Him and rejoice in the adversity and afflictions!

There is nothing that happens on this earth or to us that did not go through the hands of Gods first. When horrible things happen in our lives we tend to blame the enemy, we boo hoo and feel sorry for ourselves, we need to instead ask Father what does He want us to learn our know during this time of testing.

He has plans for good and not for evil for each of us, and it is through the difficult times He allows that prunes us, purifies us, and strengthens our faith.

I know it is very hard to praise, worship, and exalt Him in times of tragedy, grief, saddness, and pain but it us during these times He is working in you through the circumstances He has allowed in order to perfect you.

Keep that in your mind and heart always and then next time hard times come and they will you will be able to rejoice knowing God has a great plan in it!

Rejoice in the hard times, give Him praise for allowing you the opportunity to glorify Him in the difficult times!

God bless you all,

Pamela Joyousnjesus McDonald

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