Be Modest

Being modest does not mean “ungroomed” you are to keep yourself clean for sanitary and health reasons, as well as to be pleasing to your spouse.

We must wash ourselves daily, brush our hair daily, as well as our teeth. We should look presentable to the best of our ability. Wear modest, clean clothes if possible where you live.

We are Ambassadors for Christ Jesus on this earth, that does not mean dress up in fancy expensive clothing, put makeup on that makes you look unnatural, or like you are going to war as the natives. Or dye your hair an unnatural color in order to be flamboyant and scream “LOOK AT ME” !

An Ambassador represents the person or nation they are standing in for, their whole mission is to represent them in a respectful way not to make themselves a name and to look good but to uphold the one they are representing!

Modesty is beautiful to the LORD as well as to Godly men and women.

Any man or woman that desires you to dress provocative, with cleavage showing, butt cheeks hanging out, with tight fitting apparel that shows every bulge or curve you have DOES NOT LOVE YOU BUT HAS YOU AS A TROPHY A DECORATION until the next one who is more beautiful than you comes along!

Most adulterous men will cheat on their wives with women like this but THEY WOULD NOT MARRY THEM! Why? Because they want a good wholesome woman at home and want a whore to satisfy his wicked lusts!

Are you representing the LORD Jesus Christ? Or are you seeking to be a decorative whore on the arms of a man that would not want their momma or their kids to meet you?

I was married to a man that slept with many whores but always came home to me, until I found of his cheating ways.

Unfortunately, I reacted as the world and became exactly like one of those whores instead of turning to God. I became ugly, wicked, defiled, and full of self worship with flatteries from people encouraging me!

Thank God for showing me how filthy, vile, wicked, and ugly I was in His eyes! Man’s standards are so far below Gods!

Man will dress up a turd in fancy clothes, spray perfume on it and deck it with gold and millions will desire it, but to God it is nothing more than a disgusting turd!

Think on these things before you post your next selfie, before you put on that low cut blouse, or those skin tight camel toe jogging pants. Before you dye your hair pink or green and plaster your face with heavy eye liner, blue eye shadow, and fake eyelashes l and unnatural looking lipstick.

Ask yourself “I am pleasing to God?”

“What message am I giving with my looks?”

Keep yourself clean, hair brushed, teeth brushed and put modest attire on. But more importantly than all is make sure your inner being is pure and cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb of God!

God bless!

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