A Longing To Share Jesus Again With Others In Person.

It is my prayer to be sent back to the middle east before I die. I truly love the people there and desire to share the Good News with them again. Just one on one, as before is ok with me.

It is more intimate without distractions, not preaching, not teaching, just sharing the love of God through His One and Only Begotten Son.

I do not know if that is the LORDS Will for my life or not though. Whatever, His will is I pray it be done and that I will be obedient and faithful to Him.

Many will say, “Why not share the Good news here in America?” Sadly no one here wants to hear about Him anymore. The apostate Church has turned many true seekers away with their false doctrine and hypocrisy. And the others are happy thinking all is well in their lives even though they are full of sin and adultery.

Here in America not many want the pure Word of God. They do not want to sit longer than an hour, they do not want any scriptures read about sin, hell, the blood, or repentance.

They want a politically correct Gospel where all roads lead to God, all lifestyles are ok, and God is sitting on the Throne for the happiness of man.

They want to go to Church and hear a feel good motivational speech, give a few dollars expecting to recieve 10 fold back and go home to sleep with their lover, not theur covenant spouse(first spouse), while filth is being pumped in through the tv and their children busy taking selfies and sending them to strangers, listening to Satan worshippers sing wickedness in their ears.

I do not understand completely the depth of depravity this Nation has become, I do not know the depth of the mercy of God. But I do know there is a time when He will turn a nation over allowing them to become reprobate, Romans 1 tell us how that process happens. And America fits the image of a reprobate Nation.

I pray for those who are searching for the Truth, I pray for those who are barely hanging on. I pray this nation will repent of the innocent bloodshed, the adulteries, the pride, idolatry, murders, lies, stealings, fornication, hypocrisy, hatred, etc. I pray that God will send men of God full of the Holy Spirit out in the highways and byways as David Wilkerson once did in the New York streets.

I pray for the soon return of Christ Jesus for the consolation of all things. I pray for Israel and for those who will be saved. I pray for my brothers and sisters in Iran, China, Pakistan, North Korea, Turkey, Iraq, all over for their strength to be able to endure to the end the persecution they are experiencing right now. I pray for all to remember that the Joy of the LORD is our strength and His Word is our armor.

I pray that we will each one realize though we are small by ourselves together we are the army of God on this earth, and our battle is not with flesh and blood. In order to fight against the principalities, the powers, the wickedness in high places we must first learn to worship our Father IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.

I read so many say they are willing to die for God, they will not take the Mark, they will do what God wants during the tribulation. How? If we are not willing to die to the flesh now in order to increase in faith and to walk closer to Him, how does anyone think they will be able to stand then?

We must get this flesh under subjection. We must pray more, fast more, seek Him more. We must bear fruit to be called a child of God. It says that if we do not bear fruit we will be hewn down and cast in the fire. The fruit is from the Holy Spirit what we must do in order to bear it, is to die to self, our wants, our desires, our lusts, even our needs and put others before us without grudge or hesitation. We do this by picking up our cross daily and following Him.

I love you all, just a few thoughts going through my mind tonight.

God bless

Pamela Joyousnjesus McDonald

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