On Way To The Hospital Again

Hi family in Christ, well my jaw has been hurting greatly the last few days. The pain woke me up and almost used a whole tube of orajel.

It came to me to look in my mouth, last year I had a horrible black spot inside my mouth but I prayed for it and it went away. Well now there is one large one and another small one starting in the very back of my mouth on my jaw.

My daughter believes the infection that they thought was on my skin is in my mouth so I am going to get checked out.

I am so very sorry I did not get to finish the Billy Graham book. I will soon I pray.

Well I did not post this earlier. I am out now and on my way home.

It appears the infection I have was worse than thought and is taking a slow time healing so they prescribed 7 more days of the anti biotic and some pain pills for my jaw. They did another catscan no abscess, the dark spots are blood spots in my mouth rinse with salt water and possible virus in mouth?

Frankly I dont think they really know what is going on. My gums are swollen, my jaw hurts badly we very half hour or so, but Nikki and I prsyed and it has subsided! PRAISE GOD!

I am going to try and take time to rest of possible for a couple of days. God bless you all.

Pamela Joyousnjesus McDonald

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