Regardless I Must Praise Him

Saturday at the ER after crying
Saturday at the ER before crying

I have been on antibiotics since Saturday evening, my face is a little better but still hurts, burns, swollen, and itches horribly.

I have cried so much, not just because of my face, but attacks against me because I cry over sin too much. Sin in me and around me really makes me mourn greatly and at times I get so overwhelmed that I cry.

Then was called a fanatic because of my beliefs on holiness. And because I am transferring from name brand products and making my own.

If these comments were to come from a lost person it would have just slid over me, but from a person that claims Christ and family it has injured me. But the LORD Jesus Christ is greater and through this prayers for grace and blessing upon this person is what is the needed not hard feelings or bitterness.

Today Tuesday

So I am slowly getting better but boy oh boy do I hurt.

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