Isaiah 29-34 ~Septuagint~

I must make this very clear, I do not promote in any way, shape, or form the Apocrypha. I do not read them nor do I endorse them. according to history as well as my own 1611 KJV it also contained those books, but those books ARE NOT INSPIRED BY GOD! The KJV removed them and thus we have the modern KJV today. The text the KJV translators used was the Masoretic text which is over 1000 YEARS AFTER the Septuagint had been translated and used by the Jewish Nation. Septuagint means “70” in Greek and it was translated BY THE JEWS FOR THE JEWS in Grecian culture. Sadly, the Apocrypha was added to it which should have NEVER happened but it did. The disciples read from this translation which was translated in 3 B.C. nowhere is it written or found where the LORD Jesus or His disciples quoted from the Apocrypha NOWHERE but did they read from the Septuagint? Most scholars agree they did and where it says, “it is written” it is taken from the Septuagint. The Dead Dea scrolls back up the findings of the scholars as well. After the Church was birthed and began to grow, the Jews were very wroth that the Gentiles were reading the Septuagint which was their book, so they translated another one and added man’s traditions in it as well. We can accept history or reject it, the choice is ours to do so. Some will not accept these findings and will call those who read it a heretic or one who is trying to deceive and promote false doctrine, but God knows the truth. So with that said, again I DO NOT SUPPORT or even read the Apocrypha but once the KJV 1611 had it in the bible, as well as much wicked artistic work (I own one I know). But I am not going to throw it away but I do ask the Father to give me discernment needed. I suggest we all go before the LORD in humility and ask Him to lead us and guide us in all things. God Bless!SHOW LESS

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