2 thoughts on “Pt. 1 ~The Unbreakable Covenant Of Marriage~ Raymond McMahon

  1. Hi. I put your reading of Dr. Joseph Webb’s book on my YouTube channel at Walking by the Spirit Always. He is also pre-Tribulation rapture just like me and Ray McMahon. One Flesh: A Biblical Perspective on the Permanence of Marriage by Joe Fogle is also pre-Tribulation rapture. I started my YouTube channel because the Lord told me to after having my first rapture dream on 3/16/17. If you check out my channel there is a playlist on Divorce and Remarriage Adultery with over 300 videos. There is also one on the pre-Tribulation rapture. I have done many videos about both subjects and included testimonies of those who got out of remarriage adultery and even a few who did reconcile with their covenant spouse.

    I am 38 years married, 16 years a born again believer and 12 years divorced and Standing. My life is forever changed by the gospel, and by His grace, I have stayed sexually pure and rapture ready since the rapture verses in 1 Thessalonians 4 are preceded by the command for purity in order to go. Revelation 3:10-11 is also promised to me. The rapture can’t be post-Trib because then we would know the exact day and hour since it would be seven years after the Tribulation began. I do agree with you that tithing isn’t a New Testament command, and we should give generously to those in need and give out Bibles and gospel tracts too. I am not a member of a church, and do not tithe. We are in the last days, and Jesus loves His bride so we will be caught up to heaven to escape the wrath coming to the unrepentant unbelievers of this world. God bless you.

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    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your comment so much! Sometimes I struggle greatly inside when attacked and told I am teaching false doctrine about the remarriage is adultery. Regardless of when He comes we are to always be ready because we are not promised tomorrow and as far as I understand it is not a salvational issue, but I could be wrong on that. I used to believe in a pre trib rapture myself and used to teach it, after much prayer, tears, and study I found that not to be so. But I do not in anyway see that as a disagreement to cut off fellowship by any means. My dear beloved friend Sherry who also sends me posts to put up believes in a pre trib. She prays for me and I pray for her lol So the LORD will most definitely open the eyes of the one not seeing clearly either me or her. 🙂


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