Things Are Escalating Quickly, Hatred Is Not Hidden Freedom Is In The Past

After this wave of anger, next will come an intensity of rage and anger towards those who refuse vaccinations. Those who refuse will be blamed for the virus not going away and the majority will turn against even family. Wait and see, people are afraid of dying and if they feel their life is at risk by another they will lash out, yet forgetting they are not promised their next breath and any second could expire then what? Maybe it is time the fearful and unbelieving realize there is hope and that hope is only the LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth and He will give you eternal life. #love #people #life #peace

There are children being kidnapped, people robbing people, rapes taking place and the police are busy visiting peoples home because of a comment made in jest? This my friends is what the Nation is turning into. This is just the beginning the end game will be a communist nation under Red China and Russia authority, this is why Joe Biden is the “Chief” in the White House, mark my words.

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