Please Pray

😭💔🙏 PRAYER WARRIORS – Please pray 🙏 

The following was posted from a friend: My heart is heavy..Texas is NOT ok right now!Reporting’s from the police scanner↓ 

Apartment buildings with burst pipes, water damage so severe the roofs have collapsed. More accidents than officers and EMS can keep up with.

House fires

No power for hours at a time, some haven’t had power in nearly 24 hours now.

Elderly without their oxygenHundreds of THOUSANDS are freezing.

Calls for help from those that have found frozen/near lifeless bodies under blankets outside.

Wind turbines are frozen.

Power lines are down from Ice.

Power stations have frozen pipes and aren’t able to operate.

Cities without water supply all together.

Roads Closed and No Transportation Available. TEXAS has NEVER had lows below ZERO before. No fleets of salt or plow trucks..

It’s impossible for the cities to have predicted the demand for salt and sand to this extent and cities are cashed out. There is no way to clear the roads. The roads are solid ICE and impassable! Texas already had “snow day” January 10th and used majority of sand/salt supply on the roads to clear for those few days. The houses are not designed for this and nobody is prepared for this type of weather in Texas. Many hotels are unavailable to stay they are either all booked or pipes bursting and one hotel had set off all the sprinkler systems- severe water damage and they had to evacuate. Pray for Texas because it’s difficult to determine what the death toll will be in the aftermath of this “Dark Winter”.

Sherry Lynn Szada-Olinger

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