Ravi Zacharias ~Did He, Or Didn’t He?~

I personally do not know who this “Ravi” is, as I have never listened to him, but, I do find it a bit bizarre that AFTER his death then these accusations come out.

Kind of strange that I read that he was very consistent in his personal life and ministry to behave as a Christian yet hear he had a “secret” side that even his family never knew? How do you suppose he fooled even the people he LIVED with for 40 years?

Is that even possible?

Hmm, the better question does that line up with scripture? Does not that throw what Jesus stated as “not true” then when He said, “You shall know them by their fruit?”

On RZIM it makes this statement, ” This misconduct is deeply troubling and WHOLLY INCONSISTENT with the man Ravi Zacharias PRESENTED BOTH PUBLICALLY AND PRIVATELY to so many over than FOUR DECADES of ministry.”

I am by no means downplaying anyone pains and trauma that may have occurred, I myself was molested as a small child and then raped at 16 so I know the pain, the confusion, and the fear. It just seems as if so many are readily accepting these accusations without knowing the complete details and in truth, in the technological age we live in, you will not know the truth unless God Himself tells you. Through voice manipulation, video manipulation, and photoshop how can we even trust what our eyes see or our ears hear? You CAN’T! YOU CAN ONLY TRUST THE LORD.

I am very curious as to what doctrine did this man Ravi taught and preached. Did it offend people? Did he preach heresy?

Anyone can play a victim I am being honest, not cruel, there are myriads of people that are great actors as well, we give them awards each year for pretending to be someone they are not. And if they are really compelling enough they get multiple awards.

So watching all these “Christians” as they call themselves pointing and defaming a person without reservation gives me red flags indeed.

First, off they do not see their own sin of judging (they say this accusation is INCONSISTENT with how he portrayed himself) so his fruit looked good therefore you would judge him as a Godly man!

Secondly to defame him and accuse a dead man that cannot defend himself is totally unscriptual.

Thirdly, as I said I never listened to this man but it makes me wonder if he preached the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and in order to deceive the thousands that heard him they bring against him railing accusations to now taint the truth?

Honestly, I do not know, but this much I do know, the time is now that many will be falsely accused of great horrific things with “proof” that they did it (photo, video, voice manipulation through technology) yet it will be lies in order to make people sin and fall away from the truth.

They can put anything on someone’s laptop and then claim they are wicked pedophiles, murderers, thieves, etc.

Are you prepared to stand for the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ when these accusations are about you?

You may want to think before you speak, and you may not want to judge according to “APPEARANCE” but judge righteously because that judgment each of these people have now cast they will face the same and then where will they find help?

Stick your nose in the Word of God and out of peoples business is the only way to live these days.

I am not being uncompassionate or harsh, I am stating facts. The day is here now when true men and women of God will be presented as filthy wicked heretics, in order make Christianity a vile thing to people in order to persuade many to either walk away from the LORD Jesus Christ or to leave a bad taste in the sinners mouth that they will never want to repent.

I love you all,

Pamela JoyousNJesus McDonald

Needed to add to this, don’t you find it a bit peculiar that our own Government the White House spokesperson even talked about this?

Something is not right, something is very wrong concerning this.

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