Wake Up Call

This is a wake up call ⏰ and a reminder for us all – time is short ⌛️ and the days are evil 😖 🙏 Pray for each other – 🙏 Pray for all your brothers and sisters 🙏 Pray for wisdom, discernment and guidance daily – 🙏 Constantly praying to be guided by the Spirit and not to be deceived…. none of us are above deception and the enemy is like a roaring lion…. 😖 he knows his time is short and his war is with us…. he cannot have our soul… but he comes regarding our flesh (and mind) to kill, steal and destroy –

 ⚠️ We are in these LAST of the last days…. we have to be vigilant in prayer – we have to pray without ceasing (for ourselves and others) We have to have on our FULL armor -We have to make sure that 🗡 Sword of the Spirit (the Word) 📖 is on us and IN us at ALL timesYou HAVE to be in the Word for yourself 📖 – not just sermons, posts, opinions of others, etc. 

💖 NOTHING can take the place of the time alone spent with the Lord in prayer and His Word to equip, armor, steady and strengthen you.🕊 We have to be pressed into the Spirit and be on both offense and defense….And above all remember not by our might or strength, the battle is the Lord’s Love y’all 💖

Sherry Lynn Szada-Olinger

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