Jesuit Retreats And Schools In The U.S.A.


List of prominent religious, Catholic, or Catholic-influenced schools in the USA

(plus 2 from UK, 1 from PR, plus 1 from Canada, and 1 from Switzerland) (from 1600s to today)

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Simplified SJO/USJ list

A quick reminder of the Jesuit oath that these trainees are secretly agreeing to – and it’s a blood oath too, meaning they make this oath to the Vatican and satan with their own bloody fingerprint. [Warning – it’s graphic, we’re sorry. We are only quoting a short part of it. They do literally say this and yes they are that evil – it’s awful… but it’s them.]This only a short clip that they pretend is part of an “ancient old out-dated oath”, but we and others have been able to prove that “official story” line is a lie – simply put, this is not the old Jesuit oath, this is the active official Jesuit oath. “… I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do so… and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive… rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls… That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulation cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons… at any time I may be directed to do by any agent of the Pope…” (see more from helpful sources like, etc.)

Quick notes on that satanic “oath” – when they say “protestants”, they mean that they wish/want to murder all of those who reject the rule of the Roman Catholic church (Vatican), or reject the control of the Vatican. Notice that they say that they will do these evil things “when directed to do so“, meaning the agents of Rome (aka Jesuits, and/or their Jesuit-trained helpers) are working on what Rome wants them to do at that given time. Rome has a progression of plan to destroy the world and bring it under her rule again, it just takes time so that they can do it sneakily and not get caught – but God the Holy Spirit promised in 2nd Timothy 3:8-9 to expose their evil deeds and make them plain to the common people, just as Jesus also teaches in John 3:16-21. Jesuits rely on your lack of knowledge of the Word of God (Bible) and your lack of knowledge about their evil plans, and/or your lack of strength of character to stand on the Word of God against their evil deeds, schemes, tricks and cover-up stories. The best way to combat the evil satanic agendas is to grow in holiness, stay spiritually alert, grow in spiritual discernment, watch out for those who flatter you with some sort of hidden agenda, and expose the evils and sins that you can – from God’s Word, not quoting the teachings of man.

The Jesuits have infiltrated (or really invaded) every Christian organization in the US – that includes churches, Christian schools, Christian colleges, Christian seminaries, and the largest Christian “ministry” organizations. In 1975, the Jesuits boasted that they had infiltrated and conquered all of the religions and all of the denominations of “Christianity”, including the cults. When you find a Jesuit person (man or lady) at a college or church or authority positions, just understand that they are the top evil leader in that organization or college or university, etc. If you find a Jesuit college, they rule the other colleges around them – in a variety of ways. If you find an unofficial Jesuit college, they control the other colleges around them (and/or in their denomination) but not openly, in secret. At the top of the Catholic colleges is the USJ (unofficial Society of Jesuits) college called the “Catholic University of America” – the only one with the distinction of having 3 “popes” (aka Jesuits, whether known to the public or not) to have not only visited but also spoken there. They are the secret Jesuit leader in the US. Which is typical of them, because as you read above, about 95% of the actual Jesuits will intentionally hide their identity, and use that secrecy to protect their “brothers”. The Jesuits pride themselves as being the pope’s “marines” and “the company” (their own words). Yep, their conspiracy against the world is that mean and that abusive and that dangerous. No wonder over 83 countries and city-states have openly rejected + thrown out + banned Jesuits from being allowed in their territory.

There are 4 (sort of 5) types of Jesuits, and we expect to explain this in further detail in the near future.
They are listed in order from highest to lowest.

1> Jesuit Teachers, 2> Jesuit Brothers (official, full Jesuits), 3> Jesuit Fathers, 4> Jesuit Priests,
5> Novices/Pupils/Disciples (from the college students to the not-quite-knowledgeable “deacons”)

Quick notes: what you are about to see is that almost every Roman Catholic institute for “higher learning” is controlled by the Jesuits, and/or is unofficially or officially a Jesuit school. There are only a few who cannot be proven to be directed by Jesuits, and those few are schools only for lady Roman Catholics. If you have forgotten how evil the Jesuits are or their cruel demonic blood-oath that they take to enforce the rule of Rome and the Vatican and the so-called “pope”, we suggest you read the info on and ~ If either of those links stop being active, expect that the Jesuits hacked or attacked them to silence the truth, as the freemasons have done with other reports that we have published. ~ Watching, Preaching, Praying, the RestoreMBI team

— ** —

— This list below is in order per 50 states (plus a few in other countries), and has the list of the colleges that we could researched and that we could prove. If you don’t see a college you expected to be on this list, try looking for the name written in a different order – for instance, “College of City”, could be called instead “City College”, etc. If you still don’t see it on the list contact us through the website, or through face-book or email, or phone call. Also, you will find a quite a few colleges listed here that completely try to hide their Roman Catholic and/or Jesuit identity and agenda, but they are indeed directly working with, or directed by Jesuits. Or if you see a typo or a college you would like us to research, please also contact us for that – we are glad to serve the genuine body of Christ, as time and life allow. Also, you will find a quite a few colleges listed here that completely try to hide their Roman Catholic and/or Jesuit identity and agenda, but they are indeed directly working with, or directed by Jesuits.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and with that understanding, we intend to update it periodically as we uncover more influential colleges that are proven Jesuit-directed, or training unofficial Jesuits. Each type of college, whether JD (Jesuit-directed) or USJ (Unofficial Society of Jesuits) have been researched individually and proven in at least 3 ways before adding them to this list. The SJO (Society of Jesuits) are the known and publicly-admitted official Jesuit colleges/universities. There are supposedly only 28, but you will find more in the list below.

You have our permission to copy and share this information everywhere and with all of your friends – the honest Christians need to become very aware of this dual physical and spiritual problem and danger.

** *** **

The list below is a list of most of the official Roman Catholic and Jesuit colleges, universities and seminaries in the US, as well as some other major colleges, universities, and seminaries that are prestigious and related to religious discussions, usually “Christian” or “Protestant” subjects, as well as some prominent (even “Ivy-League” colleges.

KeyCoed – both genders; TJ – trained by Jesuits; RC/DJ – directed by Jesuits; USJ – Unofficial Society of Jesuits training; SJO – Official Society of Jesuit training; strikethrough = closed; “SJ/DJ” = the only official Jesuit retreat centers in the US; “Coord” or “coordinate” = dual college partnership, 1 for guys, 1 for ladies; “pr.” or “private” = not admitted as being run by the Vatican or a “Protestant” denomination; “state” = college run and paid for by the government of one of the 50 United States; RC = Roman Catholic; “Bap” or “Baptist = Baptist, the “Protestant” denomination; “Meth” or “Methodist” = Methodist, the “Protestant” denomination; “Naz” or “Nazarene” is the “Protestant” denomination; “Epis” or “Episcopal” = the “Protestant” denomination; “Ref” or “Reformed” = the “Protestant” denomination; “Wes” or “Wesleyan” = the “Protestant” denomination

>> For a quick reminder of the abbreviations of the 50 states, see the end of this article <<

KeyCoed – both genders; TJ – trained by Jesuits; RC/DJ – directed by Jesuits; USJ – Unofficial Society of Jesuits training; SJO – Official Society of Jesuit training; strikethrough = closed; “SJ/DJ” = the only official Jesuit retreat centers in the US; “Coord” or “coordinate” = dual college partnership, 1 for guys, 1 for ladies; “pr.” or “private” = not admitted as being run by the Vatican or a “Protestant” denomination; “state” = college run and paid for by the government of one of the 50 United States; RC = Roman Catholic; “Bap” = “Baptist; “Meth” = “Methodist”; “Naz” or “Nazarene”; “Epis” = “Episcopal”; “Ref” = “Reformed”; “Wes” = “Wesleyan”; RF = Rockefeller family founded

Official and Unofficial Jesuit “Retreat Centers” have many satanic, occultic, mystical, and even theosophical activities. Here is a short list of the common demonic-driven activities you will find in their own descriptions: spiritual formation, spiritual direction, yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Reiki, labyrinth, meditation, centering prayers, Mahayana, Chanting, Consciousness, creative development, personal transformation, Men’s spirituality, sacred universe, and eco-spirituality. Many of these so-called “retreats” also describe themselves as “interfaith” or use the words “open to all faiths” or “all religions”. If you want to find any alternative to the one true God who wrote the Bible, it seem the Vatican/Jesuit-run outposts are where to look… and they will, as Jesus said of false teachers, train that person to be twice the sons (daughters) of Hell as themselves…. But God does rescue some people and bring them to their senses. That is why we must always pray for the repentance of the lower levels of satanic and false religions, or so-called “religious” trainees – some of them can learn over time to hate the sins and lies of their false religion. The older ones, especially the leaders, are so corrupt and hardened and have made so many oaths to satan, the Jesuits, and/or demons, that they cannot repent, but some will try to pretend they have – by their actions and the sins they love (their fruit), you will know them (Matthew 12:33; 2nd Corinthians 11:14).

In addition to those evil activities, they also have times of “silent retreats”, which apparently is just the individuals mostly don’t talk to anyone, just have their own books, CDs, DVDs, and notebook and can focus on whatever they have pre-decided and want to – for a wolf, that would be quite welcome so they can work on their next evil agendas and next false teachings and versions of false gospels, without getting interrupting by attentive and praying genuine followers/disciples of Jesus Christ.

KeyDJ – directed by Jesuits; USJ – Unofficial Society of Jesuits training; SJO – Official Society of Jesuit training; FR – Franciscan; DN – Dominican;

[Most people do not realize it, but the Franciscans and the Dominicans “orders” are completely over-run by the Jesuits, and are used to hide some Jesuits, and it has been that way for a long time, that info according to former Jesuits who got saved and were shining the Light of God’s Word on the evil deed of the Vatican and Jesuits.]

Official Jesuit Retreat centers (mostly those in USA)

>> Bellarmine Hall / Jesuit Retreat House       1948                   (Chicago) Barrington, IL Yes                   SJ/DJ              SJO

>>        Bethany Center                                2007                       Lutz, FL                                                       Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>> Bethany Retreat Center                         2005               (East) Chicago, IL                                                 Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>>        Campion Center                                1960                     Boston, MA                                                   Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>>     The “Cove” (BGEA)                             1972     [SJ retreat] Asheville, NC                                                 Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

[Jesuit Graham family – BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelical Association) – Jesuit retreat and training center]

>> Creighton University Retreat Center      1978                              Omaha, NE                                                 Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>> Demontreville Jesuit Retreat House   pre-1980s                         Lake Elmo, MN                 Yes                   SJ/DJ              SJO

>> Eastern Point Retreat House 1958                     Gloucester, MA         Yes                    SJ/DJ                   SJO

>> Encuentros Faamiliares                          1971                      Miami, FL                                                     Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>>      Holy Spirit Center                              1920                  Anchorage, AK                                                                       Yes           SJ/DJ       SJO

>> Ignatius House Retreat Center                1960                    Atlanta, GA                                                   Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>> Ignatian Spirituality Center                      2001                 Kansas City, MO                                                 Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>> Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth          1927               Wernersville, PA                                                 Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>>   Jesuit Retreat Center                           1925                   Los Altos, CA                                                 Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>> Jesuit Retreat House of Cleveland          1890                  Cleveland, OH                                                                       Yes           SJ/DJ       SJO

>> Jesuit Retreat House on Lake Winnebago  1961                           Oshkosh, WI                                            Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>>   Jesuit Spiritual Center                          1929                    Milford, OH                                                    Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>> Jesuit Spirituality Center                        1972               Grand Coteau, LA                                                 Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>>   Jogues Retreat House                             (?)                    Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY   Yes                   SJ/DJ              SJO

>>          Loyola House                                  1964               Guelph, Ontario, CAN               Yes                   SJ/DJ              SJO

>> Loyola House of Retreats                        1927                 Morristown, NJ                                                 Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>> Loyola Institute for Spirituality               1997                     Orange, CA                                                    Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>> Loyola on the Potomac (River)                1958      Faulkner MD/ Washington, DC                 Yes                   SJ/DJ              SJO

>> Manresa House of Retreats                      1931                    Convent, LA                                                   Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>> Manresa Jesuit Retreat House (Detroit)     1923           Bloomingfield Hills, MI                  Yes                   SJ/DJ              SJO

>> Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House             1959                 Lake Dallas, TX                                                 Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>> Our Lady of the Oaks Retreat House       1938               Grand Coteau, LA                                                 Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>>   Souix Spiritual Center                           1978                     Howes, SD                                                    Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>> Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House         1959     (Denver/Col. Spr.) Sedalia, CO   Yes                   SJ/DJ              SJO

>> St. Beunos Jesuit Spirituality Centre      1848                   St. Asaph, UK                                                  Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

>>       Villa Saint Martin                           pre-1918           Montreal, Quebec, CAN               Yes                   SJ/DJ              SJO

>> White House Jesuit Retreat Center        1922                   St. Louis, MO                                                 Yes               SJ/DJ           SJO

Secretive Jesuit Retreat centers – USJ

>>       Christine Center                               1980                    Wheaton, IL                        Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Dominican Center at Marywood             1922           Grand Rapids, MI                         Yes                                         DJ/DN           USJ

>> Dominican Retreat/Conference Ctr.   pre-1900        Niskayuna, NY                             Yes                                         DJ/DN           USJ

>>      Franciscan Center                              1970                     Tampa, FL                          Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Franciscan Guest House Hotel               1947                 Kennebunk, ME                      Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>>    Franciscan Retreats                            1966                 Prior Lake, MN                      Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Franciscan Spirituality Center               1984                  La Crosse, WI                       Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Franciscan Retreat/Conference Center   1954    Colorado Springs, CO Yes                                               DJ/FR              USJ

>> Franciscan Retreat Center/Neumann Univ.             2001   Aston, PA                           Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Franciscan Retreat Center 2013    Milwaukie, OR    Yes       DJ/FR  USJ

>> Graymoor Spiritual Life Center            1898                   Garrison, NY                       Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Heartland Center for Spirituality          1998                 Great Bend, KS                      Yes                                         DJ/DN           USJ

>> IL RITIRO Franciscan Retreat Center    pre-2008               Dittmer, MO                        Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Jesus Our Hope Hermitage                     1992                   Littleton, CO                       Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>>    La Foresta (Retreat)                       post-1955          Traveler’s Rest, SC                      Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Mariandale Retreat/Conference Center   1976                 Ossining, NY                       Yes                                         DJ/DN           USJ

>> Marywood Franciscan Spirituality Center  1966          Arbor Vitae, WI                      Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Mount Saint Francis Retreat Center   pre-2005           Mt. St. Francis, IN                      Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Oldenburg Franciscan Center             pre-1857             Oldenburg, IN                       Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Our Lady of the Atonement Retreat House   1898          Garrison, NY                       Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Poverello of Assisi Retreat House         1962                 San Fernando, CA                      Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Ctr.  1997             Hiawatha, IA                       Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Rosaryville Spirit Life Center                1911               Ponchatoula, LA                      Yes                                         DJ/DN           USJ

>>    Santa Sabina Center                            1970                 San Rafael, CA                                                 Yes                                 DJ/DN       USJ

>> Saint Anthony Retreat Center               1917                  Marathon, WI                       Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Saint Anthony Retreat Center           pre-2001           Three Rivers, CA                      Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Saint Francis Retreat Center                1961    San Juan Bautista, CA                        Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Saint Francis Retreat House                  1963                     Easton, PA                          Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Saint Francis Spirituality Center          1869                     Tiffin, OH                          Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>>   San Damiano Retreat                           1961                   Danville, CA                        Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>>   Serra Retreat Center                           1943                     Malibu, CA    Yes                                               DJ/FR              USJ

>> Shalom Spirituality Center                    1989                    Dubuque, IA                        Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Sinsinawa Mound Center                        1847                  Sinsinawa, WI                       Yes                                         DJ/DN           USJ

>> Solo Retreat Hermitage                         2012                 Washington DC                      Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Stella Maris Retreat/ Renewal Center  1859              Skaneateles, NY                      Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>>     The Dwelling Place                         pre-1999             Brooksville, MS                      Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Washington Retreat House                    1930                 Washington DC                      Yes                                         DJ/FR           USJ

>> Weber Retreat and Conference Center  1970                     Adrian, WI    Yes                                               DJ/DN              USJ

— *** —

Here is the updated Official Jesuit college list that they don’t publish (28+)

Coed                               Boston College                 1863 / 14,171                       Chestnut Hill, MA                                Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                              Canisius College                 1870 / 4,396                            Buffalo, NY                                                       Yes       RC/DJ SJO

Coed                           Catholic University              1887 / 7,750                         Washington, DC  Yes    priv./DJ     USJ/SJO

of America       (The top Vatican/Jesuit College in America)

Coed                          Creighton University             1878 / 5,766                             Omaha, NE                                                        Yes       RC/DJ SJO

Coed                           Fairfield University              1942 / 5,131                            Fairfield, CT                                                      Yes       RC/DJ SJO

Coed                           Fordham University             1841 / 14,128               New York City, NY                           Yes              RC/DJ           SJO

Coed                        Georgetown University          1789 / 12,229                         Washington DC                                 Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                      Holy Cross, College of the 1843 / 2,511                                   Worcester, MA                                  Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                      Jesuit School of Theology 1934 / 223                   Berkeley, CA                                                                  Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                        John Carroll University           1886 / 3,890                          Cleveland, OH                                  Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                            Le Moyne College               1946 / 2,011                           Syracuse, NY                                                      Yes       RC/DJ SJO

Coed                  Loretta Heights Col/Regis Univ.      1918 / 904                              Denver, CO                                                       Yes       RC/DJ SJO

Coed                               Loyola College                  1852 / 6,204                          Baltimore, MD                                  Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                   Loyola Marymount University      1918 / 6,359                Los Angeles, CA                              Yes              RC/DJ           SJO

Coed                             Loyola University                1912 / 4,485                New Orleans, LA                              Yes              RC/DJ           SJO

Coed                        Loyola Univ. of Chicago          1870 / 14,786                            Chicago, IL                                                        Yes       RC/DJ SJO

Coed                          Marquette University            1864 / 11,743                         Milwaukee, WI                                  Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                       Mercy College of Detroit          1941 / 2,119                             Detroit, MI                                                        Yes       RC/DJ SJO

Coed                            Oxford University     1096 AD / unknown                             Oxford, UK                                                      Yes     state/DJ USJ

Campion Hall (SJO) @ Oxford                                                                                                                        

Coed                                Regis College                   1887 / 2,812                            Denver, CO                                                       Yes       RC/DJ SJO

Women                            Regis College                   1927 / 1,188                            Weston, MA                                                       Yes       RC/DJ SJO

Coed                            Rockhurst College               1910 / 3,299                         Kansas City, MO                                 Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                         University of Scranton            1888 / 4,542                            Scranton, PA                                                      Yes       RC/DJ SJO

Coed                           St. Charles College            1971 / unknown                     Grand Coteau, LA                                                  Yes       RC/DJ USJ-SJO

Coed                        St. Joseph’s University           1851 / 5,578                         Philadelphia, PA                                 Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                           St. Louis University              1818 / 9,324                St Louis, MO                                                       Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                    University of Detroit, Mercy       1877 / 6,186                             Detroit, MI                                                        Yes       RC/DJ SJO

Coed                    Wharton School of Business     1881 / unknown                         Philadelphia, PA                                   Yes  RC/DJ    USJ/SJO

@ University of Pennsylvania                                                                                                                       

Coed                             Wheeling College                1954 / 1,050                          Wheeling, WV                                  Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                             Xavier University                1831 / 7,082                          Cincinnati, OH                                  Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                  Xavier University of Louisiana      1925 / 2,221                New Orleans, LA                              Yes              RC/DJ           SJO


Alabama (AL)

Coed                            Spring Hill College               1830 / 1,020    Mobile, AL                                                  Yes                                 RC/DJ       SJO

Alaska (AK)

– unknown

Arizona (AZ)


Arkansas (AR)

Coed                     Ouachita Baptist University         1886 / 1,783                  Arkadelphia, AR            Yes            Bapt/DJ

California (CA)

Coed                         Dominican College of              1850 / 694      San Rafael, CA                                            Yes                                 RC/DJ       USJ

San Rafael                                                                         

Coed                          Dominican School of               1932 / 104        Berkeley, CA                  Yes                                         RC/DJ           USJ

Philosophy and Theology                                                                         

Coed                  Franciscan School of Theology      1968 / 154        Berkeley, CA                  Yes                                     Private/DJ       USJ

Women                        Holy Family College                 1946 / 72       Freemont, CA                   No                                          RC/DJ

Coed                            Holy Family College                1925 / 678        Oakland, CA                                              No                                  RC/DJ

Coed                      Jesuit School of Theology 1934 / 223      Berkeley, CA                       Yes                                         RC/DJ           SJO

(@ Santa Clara University)                                                                        

>> Loyola Institute for Spirituality               1997                     Orange, CA                                                    Yes                                 SJ/DJ       SJO

Coed                   Loyola Marymount University      1918 / 6,359           Los Angeles, CA                              Yes                                 RC/DJ       SJO

>>   Jesuit Retreat Center                           1925                   Los Altos, CA                                                  Yes                                 SJ/DJ       SJO

Coed                           Masters University                1927 / 373           Santa Clarita, CA    Yes                                       Bapt/DJ         USJ

(formerly Los Angeles Baptist College)                                                                                                           

Women                     Mount St. Mary’s College            1925 / 1,144            Los Angeles, CA                              Yes                                 RC/DJ         

Coed                        College of Notre Dame           1851 / 1,420      Belmont, CA                                            Yes                                 RC/DJ       USJ

Coed                Point Loma Nazarene University                 1902 /1,808   San Diego, CA                                 Yes                           Nazarene/DJ          USJ

Men                               St. Johns College                  1926 / 182      Camarillo, CA                                             Yes                                 RC/DJ                  

Men                             St. Joseph’s College                1898 / 100                 Mountainview, CA          Yes                                 RC/DJ                  

Coed                    St. Mary’s College of Maryland                      1863 / 2,953                  Moraga, CA                                     Yes                          RC/DJ                                                         

Men                          St. Patrick’s Seminary               1898 / 66           Menlo Park, CA                                   Yes                                 RC/DJ       USJ

Coed                     San Francisco Art Institute           1871 / 672            San Francisco, CA                         Yes                             private/DJ   USJ

Coed                    San Francisco Conservatory         1917 / 219             San Francisco, CA Yes                                   private/DJ       USJ

of Music                                                                                           

Coed                      San Francisco, University of         1855 / 5,699                 San Francisco, CA                            Yes                                 RC/DJ                    

Coed                         Santa Clara University            1851 / 7,068                         Santa Clara, CA                                 Yes                          RC/DJ SJO                                                  

Coed                             Stanford University               1885 / 13,565                            Stanford, CA                                                       Yes                 RC/DJ                                                                        

Coed                     Talbot School of Theology      1908 / unknown              La Marida, CA                              Yes                                 RC/DJ       USJ

@ Biola University (CA)                                                                              

Coed                       Thomas Aquinas College            1971 / 115           Santa Paula, CA                                 Yes                             private/DJ   USJ

Colorado (CO)

Coed                             Denver Seminary                  1950 / 415      Denver, CO                                                 Yes                               Bapt/DJ     USJ

Coed                  Loretta Heights Col/Regis Univ.      1918 / 904      Denver, CO                                                  Yes                                 RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                                Regis College                   1887 / 2,812    Denver, CO                                                  Yes                                 RC/DJ       SJO

>> Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House                            1959             Denver – Colorado Springs, CO                                    Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

Men                           St. Thomas Seminary              1906 / 129      Denver, CO                                                  Yes                                 RC/DJ       USJ

Connecticut (CT)

Women                     Albertus Magnus College             1925 / 552      New Haven, CT                                            Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                           Fairfield University              1942 / 5,131                            Fairfield, CT                                   Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Coed                           Holy Apostles College               1956 / 138      Cromwell, CT                  Yes                                         RC/DJ

Coed                         Sacred Heart University            1967 / 4,651     Bridgeport, CT                  Yes                                         RC/DJ

Men                            St. Alphonsus College                1963 / 49       Suffield, CT                                                   No                                  RC/DJ

Women                         St. Joseph College                1925 / 1,284            W. Hartford, CT                             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                                Yale University                  1640 / 10,280                 Saybrook, CT  Yes                                         RC/DJ

Delaware (DE)

– unknown

Florida (FL)

Coed                               Barry University                  1940 / 2,064         Miami Shores, FL (+ Orlando)                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                               Biscayne College                  1962 / 3,757                               Miami, FL                                                         Yes                 RC/DJ

                     Coed                          Reformed Theological   1963 / unknown                                                                Orlando, FL                               Yes                                           Presby./DJ          USJ

                                       Seminary (RTS)                                                                (multi-location)                                                                   

Coed                                Rollins College                   1885 / 3,988                          Winter Park, FL                                 Yes                      private/DJ

Coed                                St. Leo College                   1963 / 5,049                 St. Leo, FL                                     Yes                                 RC/DJ

Men                     St. Vincent de Paul Seminary                       1960 / 96               Boynton Bead, FL                               Yes                          RC/DJ        USJ

Coed                            University of Florida              1853 / 33,772                          Gainesville, FL                                  Yes                          RC/DJ

Georgia (GA)

Coed                               Emory University                  1836 / 8,164                              Atlanta, GA                                     Yes                    Methodist/DJ

                       >> Ignatius House Retreat Center            1960                                   Atlanta, GA                                    Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

Hawaii (HI)

Coed                           Chaminade University               1955 / 959                              Honolulu, HI              Yes                                 RC/DJ

of Honolulu                                                                        

Idaho (ID)

– unknown

Illinois (IL)

Women                             Barat College                     1919 / 702            Lake Forest, IL                                   No               RC/DJ

>> Bellarmine Hall / Jesuit Retreat House                      1948                                    Chicago, IL                                     Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

Women                         De Lourdes College                 1927 / 280                  Des Plaines, IL      Yes                                         RC/DJ

Coed                               Paul University                 1898 / 13,300                             Chicago, IL                                     Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                      Illinois Benedictine College 1887 / 2,415                 Lisle, IL                                                  Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                               Lewis University                  1950 / 2,776     Romeoville, IL                   Yes                                        RC/TJF

Coed                        Loyola Univ. of Chicago          1870 / 14,786                            Chicago, IL                                     Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Women                         Mundelein College                1930 / 1,434                              Chicago, IL                                      No                           RC/DJ

(closed in 1991, bought up by Loyola of Chicago, used as their Loyola School of the Arts building)

Coed                  Northwestern University (RF)    1851 / 15,701                          Evanston, IL                                   Yes                        state/DJ     USJ

Coed                                Quincy College                   1860 / 1,018                               Quincy, IL                                      Yes                          RC/DJ   

Coed                            Roosevelt University               1945 / 6,576                              Chicago, IL                                     Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                                Rosary College                   1848 / 1,593                           River Forest, IL                                  Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                        St. Francis, College of           1930 / 3,575                              Joliet, IL                                      Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                     St. Louis University Parks 1946 / 1,072                                     Cahokia, IL                                    Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

College of Aviation and Technology                                                                                                                                                     

Coed                         St. Xavier University            1846 / 2,311                             Chicago, IL                                     Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                    Trinity Evangelical Divinity         1897 / 896                             Deerfield, IL                                   Yes                        EFCA/DJ USJ

School (TEDS)                               (Evangelical Free Church of America)

Coed                     University of Chicago (RF)        1890 / 9,329                             Chicago, IL                                     Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                     University of Chicago (RF)      1890 / unknown                           Chicago, IL                                     Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Divinity School                          (both Rockefeller family founded)

Coed                   Wheaton College/University       1860 / 2,521                            Wheaton, IL                                    Yes       private/DJ   USJ

Indiana (IN)

Coed                               Calumet College                  1960 / 1,316                            Hammond, IN             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                             Depauw University                1837 / 2,423                           Greencastle, IN                                  Yes                      private/DJ

Coed                      Indiana Wesleyan University        1920 / 1,042                                  Marion, IN                                      Yes                     Wesleyan/DJ

(formerly Marion College)                                                                                                      

Coed                             Indiana University                1820 / 32,229                         Bloomington, IN                                 Yes                        state/DJ

Coed                                Marian College                    1937 / 879                           Indianapolis, IN                                 Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                      University of Notre Dame         1842 / 9,074                         Notre Dame, IN                                 Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                           St. Francis College                             1890 / 1,233                                          Ft. Wayne, IN                          Yes                 RC/DJ                      USJ

Coed                            St. Joseph’s College                1889 / 982                            Rennsselaer, IN                                  Yes                          RC/DJ

Women                  St. Mary of the Woods Coll. 1840 / 691                 St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN Yes                                        RC/DJ

Women                          St. Mary’s College                 1844 / 1,774                           Notre Dame, IN                                  Yes                          RC/DJ

Men                             St. Meinrad College                 1854 / 188                  St. Meinrad, IN                                No                                  RC/DJ

Men                     St. Meinrad School of Theology        1861 / 149                  St. Meinrad, IN                               Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                               Wabash College                   1832 / 762                          Crawfordsville, IN                                Yes        private/DJ

Iowa (IA)

Coed                              Briar Cliff College                 1930 / 1,319                             Sioux City, IA                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Women                            Clarke College                    1843 / 850                              Dubuque, IA                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

Men                             Divine Word College                 1964 / 91                                Epworth, IA                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                                 Loras College                    1839 / 2,147                             Dubuque, IA                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                              Marycrest College                 1954 / 1,268                            Davenport, IA                                    No                           RC/DJ

Coed                            Mount Mercy College               1928 / 1,121                          Cedar Rapids, IA                                 Yes                          RC/DJ

Men                     Mount St. Alphonsus Seminary         1958 / 58                                Clinton, IA                                      No                           RC/DJ

Coed                            St. Ambrose College               1882 / 2,060                            Davenport, IA                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Kansas (KS)

Coed                            Benedictine College               1858 / 1,046       Atchison, KS                  Yes                                         RC/DJ

Coed                            Fort Hays University               1901 / 5,607                                Hays, KS                                       Yes                        state/DJ

Women                           St. Mary College                   1860 / 824                           Leavenworth, KS                                Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                        St. Mary of Plains College           1952 / 627      Dodge City, KS                                             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                             Marymount College                 1922 / 758      Salinas, KS                                                   No                                  RC/DJ

(This college closed and all records transferred to Fort Hays University)

Kentucky (KY)

Coed                           Bellarmine College              1938 / 2,585                          Louisville, KY                                  Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                                Brescia College                    1925 / 890      Owensboro, KY                                             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                              Maryville College                  1846 / 1,688     St Louis, KY                                                                        Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                   Southern Baptist Theological                    1859 / 2,116               Louisville, KY                                  Yes                     Bap+Ref/DJ  USJ

Seminary (SBTS)                     (RF)                                                                                       

Coed                               Spalding College                   1920 / 956      Louisville, KY                                             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                           Thomas More College              1921 / 1,299           Fort Mitchell, KY                              Yes                                 RC/DJ

Louisiana (LA)

>> Jesuit Spirituality Center                        1972               Grand Coteau, LA                                                 Yes                                 SJ/DJ       SJO

Coed                             Loyola University                1912 / 4,485                New Orleans, LA                              Yes                                 RC/DJ       SJO                                 

>> Manresa House of Retreats                      1931                    Convent, LA                                                   Yes                                 SJ/DJ       SJO

Coed                   Louisiana State University (LSU)     1860, 30,622         Baton Rouge, LA                                 Yes             state/DJ

Coed                New Orleans Baptist Theological                 1917 / 1,243             New Orleans, LA                                Yes                        Bapt/DJ      USJ

Seminary (NOBST)                                                                                                                                          

Coed                        Notre Dame Seminary –              1923 / 77             New Orleans, LA                              Yes                                 RC/DJ       USJ

Graduate School of Theology                                                                                                                        

>> Our Lady of the Oaks Retreat House                          1938                Grand Coteau, LA    Yes                                         SJ/DJ           SJO

Coed                           St. Charles College            1971 / unknown                     Grand Coteau, LA                               Yes                          RC/DJ USJ-SJO

Coed                      St. Joseph Seminary College          1969 / 105             St. Benedict, LA                             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                   St. Mary’s Dominican College        1910 / 750           New Orleans, LA                              No                                  RC/DJ       USJ

[bought by Loyola University of New Orleans to be used as the Loyola Broadway School]

Coed                      University of the Holy Cross          1916 / 758            New Orleans, LA                               Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                  Xavier University of Louisiana      1925 / 2,221          New Orleans, LA                              Yes                                 RC/DJ       SJO

Maine (ME)

Coed                            St. Joseph’s College                1915 / 460              N. Windham, ME                           Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                       University of New England           1953 / 661      Biddeford, ME                                            Yes                                 RC/DJ

Maryland (MD)

Coed                       John Hopkins University        1876 / unknown                        Baltimore, MD                                  Yes                      Private/DJ USJ

Coed                               Loyola College                  1852 / 6,204                          Baltimore, MD                                  Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Coed                         Mount St. Mary’s College            1808 / 1,703                         Emmitsburgh, MD                                Yes                          RC/DJ

(combined back with the Nazareth College campus)

Women            College of Notre Dame         1895 / 1,632                           Baltimore, MD                Yes         RC/DJ      USJ
        of Maryland                                                                                                                        

Coed                              St .Johns College                  1696 / 429                             Annapolis, MD                                  Yes                      private/DJ

Coed                    St. Mary’s Seminary + Univ.                        1791 / 314                 Baltimore, MD                                  Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Massachusetts (MA)

Coed                             Anna Maria College                1946 / 1,609                              Paxton, MA                                     Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                            Assumption College               1904 / 2,943     Worcester, MA                                            Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                               Boston College                 1863 / 14,171                       Chestnut Hill, MA                                Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

>>        Campion Center                                1960                              Boston, MA                                                                                          Yes                 SJ/DJ                      SJO

>> Eastern Point Retreat House 1958                                    Gloucester, MA                                                                       Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

Women                         Emmanuel College                1919 / 1,066                              Boston, MA                                     Yes                          RC/DJ      

Coed                      Holy Cross, College of the 1843 / 2,511                                   Worcester, MA            Yes                                 RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                             Harvard University               1636 / 21,252                          Cambridge, MA            Yes                             private/DJ

Women                   (Lady of the) Elms College           1916 / 729                             Chicopee, MA                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                              Gordon College                 1889 / 1,095                    Wenham, MA (Boston)                            Yes                      private/DJ USJ

Coed                   Gordon-Conwell Theological                   1969 / unknown       Wenham, MA (Boston)                            Yes                            DJ          USJ


Coed                           Merrimack College              1947 / 3,775                    Andover, MA (Boston)                            Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Women                            Regis College                                 1927 / 1,188                                            Weston, MA                                           Yes                           RC/DJ                                         SJO

Men                        St. Hyacynth Coll. & Sem.             1957 / 56                                Granby, MA                                                         No                  RC/DJ

Men                              St. John’s Seminary                 1941 / 192                               Boston, MA                                                        Yes                 RC/DJ

Coed                             Stonehill College               1948 / 2,645                             N. Easton, MA                                  Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                    Weston School of Theology           2008 / 0                           Chestnut Hill, MA                                                  Yes                 RC/DJ                      SJO

@ Boston College                       (Jesuit graduate school of Jesuit Boston College)

Michigan (MI)

Coed                             Aquinas College                1923 / 2,753                        Grand Rapids, MI                               Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                                 Calvin College                    1876 / 3,919                         Grand Rapids, MI                                Yes                    Reformed/DJ

Coed                              Madonna College                 1947 / 3,385                              Livonia, MI                                     Yes                          RC/DJ

                       >> Manresa Jesuit Retreat House            1923                  Bloomingfield Hills, MI                           Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

Coed                       Mercy College of Detroit          1941 / 2,119                             Detroit, MI                                     Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Coed                             Marygrove College                 1905 / 1,149     Detroit, MI                                                   No                                  RC/DJ

Coed                              Nazareth College                  1924 / 528        Nazareth, MI                   Yes                                         RC/DJ

Men                     Sacred Heart Seminary College                      1919 / 172                 Detroit, MI                Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                               St Mary’s College                   1885 / 182         Orchard Lake, MI                                   Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                        Siena Heights, College of           1919 / 1,478                               Adrian, MI                                      Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                    University of Detroit, Mercy       1877 / 6,186                                Detroit, MI                                     Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Minnesota (MN)

>> Demontreville Jesuit Retreat House                     unknown                             Lake Elmo, MN                                 Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

Coord.                      St. Benedict, College of            1913 / 2,189                 St. Joseph, MN    Yes                                         RC/DJ             

Women                    St. Catherine, College of           1905 / 2,427                 St. Paul, MN                                   Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coord.                             St. John’s Univ.                   1857 / 2,009                          Collegeville, MN            Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                              St. Mary’s College                 1912 / 1,427                             Winona, MN                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                               St. Olaf College                   1874 / 3,078                           Northfield, MN                                  Yes                     Lutheran/DJ

Coed                          St. Paul’s Bible College              1916 / 654            Bible College, MN    Yes                                        CMA/DJ

Men                              St. Paul Seminary                 1896 / 105                  St. Paul, MN                                  Yes                                 RC/DJ       USJ

Coed                       St. Scholastica, College of          1912 / 1,048     Duluth, MN                                                  Yes                                 RC/DJ

Women                        College of St. Teresa                1907 / 609      Winona, MN                                                   No                                  RC/DJ

Coed                           College of St. Thomas              1885 / 5,630     St. Paul, MN                                                  Yes                                 RC/DJ

Mississippi (MS)

Coed                        Reformed Theological          1963 / unknown                          Jackson, MS                                    Yes                      Presby./DJ USJ
            Seminary (RTS)                                          (multi-location)                                                               

Missouri (MO)

Coed                            Aquinas Institute                  1951 / 55                   St. Louis, MO                                Yes                                 RC/DJ       USJ

Coed                                  Avila College                     1867 / 1,974                          Kansas City, MO                                 Yes                          RC/DJ   

(purchased by DePaul University in 2005)

Men                         Cardinal Glennon College             1818 / 94                   St Louis, MO                                 Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                      Cardinal Newman College            1976 / 93                   St Louis, MO                                No                                  RC/DJ       USJ

Men                      Conception Seminary College                         1883 / 91              Conception, MO                                 Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                             Fontbonne College                 1917 / 882         St Louis, MO                                            Yes                                 RC/DJ

                       >>   Ignatian Spirituality Center                             2001                 Kansas City, MO                                 Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

Men                              Kendrick Seminary                1893 / 103         St Louis, MO                                            Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                            Rockhurst College               1910 / 3,299                         Kansas City, MO                                 Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Coed                           St. Louis University              1818 / 9,324                 St Louis, MO                                 Yes                                 RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                       St. Louis Coll. of Pharmacy           1932 / 665        St. Louis, MO                 Yes                                         RC/DJ

Men                       St. Mary’s Seminary College 1834 / 72        Perryville, MO                                                  Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                       St Paul School of Theology           1958 / 202                           Kansas City, MO                                 Yes                    Methodist/DJ

Coed                          Washington University            1861 / 35,290                St Louis, MO                                 Yes                                 RC/DJ

>> White House Jesuit Retreat Center                           1922                       St. Louis, MO                                                       Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

Montana (MT)

Coed                                Carroll College                   1909 / 1,370                              Helena, MT                                     Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                           College of Great Falls              1932 / 1,201                           Great Falls, MT                                  Yes                          RC/DJ

Nebraska (NE)

Coed                          Creighton University             1878 / 5,766                                Omaha, NE                                     Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

>> Creighton University Retreat Center                         1978                                    Omaha, NE                                     Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

Women                        College of St. Mary’s                1923 / 897                               Omaha, NE                                     Yes                          RC/DJ

Nevada (NV)

– unknown

New Hampshire (NH)

Women                       Notre Dame College               1950 / 740                           Manchester, NH                                  No                          RC/DJ        USJ

Coed                            St. Anselm’s College               1889 / 1,901                           Manchester, NH                                 Yes                          RC/DJ

Women                             Rivier College                    1933 / 2,035                              Nashua, NH                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

New Jersey (NJ)

Women                           Caldwell College                   1939 / 767        Caldwell, NJ                                             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Men                              Don Bosco College                   1938 / 83                                Newton, NJ                                      No                           RC/DJ

Women                           Felician College                   1967 / 676         Lodi, NJ                                                  Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                   Immaculate Conception Sem.        1861 / 205      Darlington, NJ                                             Yes                                 RC/DJ       USJ

                       >>    Loyola House of Retreats                1927                       Morristown, NJ                                 Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

Women                       Georgia Court College              1908 / 1,400                            Lakewood, NJ                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                      Princeton University and         1746 / 6,088                           Princeton, NJ                                  Yes                      Presby./DJ USJ

Theological Seminary                                                                                                          

Women                     St. Elizabeth, College of             1899 / 858         Convent Station, NJ                               Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                              St. Peter’s College                 1872 / 4,207                           Jersey City, NJ                                  Yes                          RC/DJ

of the Holy Family                                                                            

New Mexico (NM)

Coed                       University of Albuquerque          1940 / 1,932                         Albuquerque, NM                                Yes                        state/DJ

Coed                        St Johns Col, 2nd campus           1964 / 353        Santa Fe, NM                                            Yes                             private/DJ

Coed                             College of Santa Fe                 1947 / 993                             Santa Fe, NM              No                                  RC/DJ

New York (NY)

Coed                              Canisius College                 1870 / 4,396                            Buffalo, NY                                    Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Coed                        Christ the King Seminary             1855 / 173      East Aurora, NY                                            Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                            Columbia University              1754 / 16,959                New York City, NY  Yes                                     private/DJ

Coed                              Cornell University                1865 / 10,589                              Ithaca, NY                                     Yes                        state/DJ

Coed                               Daemen College                  1947 / 1,585                             Amherst, NY              Yes                                 RC/TJ

Men                          Cathedral College of the             1948 / 112                            Douglaston, NY                                   No                           RC/DJ
      Immaculate Conception                                                                          

Coed                              D’Youville College                 1908 / 1,402                              Buffalo, NY                                     Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                           Fordham University             1841 / 14,128               New York City, NY                           Yes                                 RC/DJ       SJO

Coed                             Seminary of the                   1930 / 269                           Huntington, NY                                 Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ
     Immaculate Conception                                                                                                                                                  

Coed                            Le Moyne College               1946 / 2,011                           Syracuse, NY                                   Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Coed                     Maryknoll School of Theology         1911 / 196                             Maryknoll, NY                                    No            RC/DJ

Women                         Marymount College                1907 / 1,244                            Tarrytown, NY                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Women                  Marymount Manhattan Coll.         1936 / 2,275                 New York City, NY                              No               RC/DJ

Coed                             Manhattan College                1841 / 1,333                               Purchase, NY                                   Yes                      private/DJ

Coed                               Medaille College                   1937 / 791                               Buffalo, NY                                     Yes                          RC/DJ

Women                            Molloy College                   1955 / 1,539                       Rockville Center, NY        Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                          Mount St. Mary College              1954 / 996                            Newburgh, NY                                  Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                      College of Mount St Vincent         1847 / 1,232                 New York City, NY                             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                    Nazareth College of Rochester       1924 / 2,680                            Rochester, NY                                    No            RC/DJ

Coed                         College of New Rochelle            1904 / 5,715                 New Rochelle, NY                              No               RC/DJ

Coed                             Niagara University                1856 / 3,942                     Niagara University, NY       Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                       St. Bonaventure University          1856 / 2,789                 St. Bonaventure, NY                                            Yes           RC/DJ

Coed                           St. Francis College              1858 / 3,000                New York City, NY                                                 Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                            St. Joseph’s College               1916 / 1,116                 New York City, NY                             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                            St. John’s University              1870 / 18,490                New York City, NY                             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                          St. John Fisher College             1951 / 2,332                            Rochester, NY                                                      Yes                 RC/DJ

Coed                         St. Lawrence University            1856 / 2,513                              Canton, NY                                     Yes                      private/DJ

Coed                    St Thomas Aquinas College        1972 / 1,786                           Sparkhill, NY                                   Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                                Siena College                    1937 / 3,272                          Loudonville, NY                                 Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                            St. Rose, College of                1920 / 2,875                              Albany, NY                                     Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                    Union Theological Seminary                       1836 / 326              New York City, NY                               Yes                      private/DJ USJ

North Carolina (NC)

Coed                          Belmont Abbey College              1876 / 812                              Belmont, NC                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

                                                 >>    The “Cove” (BGEA)              1972   [SJ retreat] Asheville, NC                                   Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

[Jesuit Graham family – BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelical Association) – Jesuit retreat and training center]

Coed                               Duke University                  1838 / 9,740                             Durham, NC                                                       Yes            private/DJ

Coed                           Sacred Heart College               1969 / 405        Belmont, NC                                             No                                  RC/DJ

Coed                     St. Augustine’s University        1867 / 1,626                            Raleigh, NC                                    Yes                    Episcopal/DJ                       USJ

Coed                   University of North Carolina     1789 / 21,612                        Chapel Hill, NC           Yes                                 RC/DJ       USJ

(UNC Chapel Hill)                                                                                     

North Dakota (ND)

Coed                                  Mary College                     1955 / 1,003       Bismarck, ND                                            Yes                                 RC/DJ

Ohio (OH)

Men                              Athenaeum of Ohio                 1829 / 158                            Cincinnati, OH                                  Yes                          RC/DJ

Men                         Borromeo College of Ohio            1953 / 103                             Wickliffe, OH                                                      Yes                 RC/DJ

Coed                           Cedarville University               1887 / 1,657                           Cedarville, OH                                                     Yes            Baptist/DJ

Coed                           Dayton, University of             1850 / 10,945                             Dayton, OH                                     Yes                          RC/DJ

                       >> Jesuit Retreat House of Cleveland                     1890                     Cleveland, OH                                  Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

                       >>       Jesuit Spiritual Center                   1929                                   Milford, OH                                                                     Yes                           SJ/DJ                   SJO

Coed                        John Carroll University           1886 / 3,890                           Cleveland, OH                                  Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Women                        College of Mount St                1852 / 1,674                      Mount St. Joseph, OH                             Yes                          RC/DJ

Women                       Notre Dame College               1922 / 712      Cleveland, OH                                            Yes                                 RC/DJ                 USJ

Men                    Pontifical College Josephinum       1888 / 207                 Worthington, OH          Yes                                 RC/DJ                 USJ

Coed                       Ohio Dominican College            1911 / 956                            Columbus, OH                                  Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                        University of Steubenville            1946 / 963                  Steubenville, OH                                Yes           RC/DJ

Women                           Ursaline College                  1871 / 1,114     Cleveland, OH                                            Yes              RC/DJ

Coed                             Xavier University                1831 / 7,082                          Cincinnati, OH                                  Yes           RC/DJ       SJO

Oklahoma (OK)

Coed                     Oral Roberts University          1965 / 3,850        Tulsa, OK                                                Yes                            Private/DJ     USJ

Oregon (OR)

Coed                          Marylhurst College for              1893 / 644                             Marylhurst, OR             No               RC/DJ

Lifelong Learning                                                               

Men                           Mount Angel Seminary               1889 / 104                  St. Benedictine, OR                                             Yes                          RC/DJ

Pennsylvania (PA)

Coed                           Allentown College of               1965 / 1,032                          Center Valley, PA                                 Yes                          RC/DJ

St. Francis de Sales                                                                                    

Coed                               Alvernia College                   1958 / 854                              Reading, PA                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                                Cabrini College                    1957 / 730                               Radnor, PA                                     Yes                          RC/DJ

Women                            Carlow College                   1929 / 1,013                            Pittsburgh, PA                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Women                       Chestnut Hill College              1871 / 1,061                          Philadelphia, PA           Yes                                 RC/DJ

Women                       College Miseriacordia              1924 / 1,225                               Dallas, PA                                      Yes                          RC/TJ

Coed                            Duquesne University               1878 / 6,628                            Pittsburgh, PA                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                             Gannon University                1944 / 4,203                                 Erie, PA                                        Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                         Gwynedd-Mercy College            1948 / 2,106                        Gwynedd Valley, PA         Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                            Holy Family College               1954 / 1,326                          Philadelphia, PA                                 Yes                          RC/DJ

Women                        Immaculata College               1920 / 1,567                           Immaculata, PA                                  Yes                          RC/DJ

                       >> Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth                     1927                   Wernersville, PA                                                   Yes                 SJ/DJ                      SJO

Coed                               Kings College                   1946 / 2,343                        Wilkes-Barre, PA                                                  Yes                 RC/DJ                      USJ

Coed                              La Roche College                  1963 / 1,549                            Pittsburgh, PA                                                      Yes                 RC/DJ

Coed                               La Salle College                  1863 / 7,587                          Philadelphia, PA                                 Yes                          RC/DJ

Men                      Mary Immaculate Seminary          1939 / 62                           Northampton, PA                                 No                          RC/DJ  USJ

Women                       Marywood University               1915 / 3,191                             Scranton, PA                                    Yes           RC/DJ

Coed                               Messiah College                  1951 / 1,465                            Grantham, PA                                   Yes                      private/DJ

Coed                             Mercyhurst College                1926 / 1,373                                 Erie, PA                                        Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                            Neumann University                1965 / 786        Aston, PA                                                                        Yes                          RC/DJ

Women                          Rosemont College                  1921 / 651                             Rosemont, PA                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Men                       St. Charles Borromeo Sem.                        1832 / 513               Philadelphia, PA                                Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                           St. Francis College              1847 / 1,656                            Loretto, PA                                                       Yes                 RC/DJ                      USJ

Coed                        St. Joseph’s University           1851 / 5,578                         Philadelphia, PA                                 Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Men                     St. Vincent Coll. & Seminary                       1846 / 978                Latrobe, PA                                    Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                       University of Pennsylvania                        1756 / 22,246             Philadelphia, PA                                 Yes                          RC/DJ

(usually called UPenn)                                                                                  

Coed                         University of Scranton            1888 / 4,542                            Scranton, PA                                   Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Women                         Villa Maria College                 1882 / 691          Erie, PA                                                  Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                          Villanova University            1842 / 10,753                          Villanova, PA                                   Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

Coed                    Wharton School of Business     1881 / unknown                      Philadelphia, PA                                Yes             RC/DJ   USJ/SJO

@ University of Pennsylvania                                         DJ          USJ                                                                                                                  

Rhode Island (RI)

Coed                              Brown University                 1764 / 6,914                           Providence, RI                                  Yes                        state/DJ

Coed                             Providence College                1917 / 5,975                           Providence, RI                                  Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                   Salve Regina, the Newport Col.      1947 / 1,960                             Newport, RI                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

South Carolina (SC)

Coed                           College of Charleston              1770 / 4,985                           Charleston, SC                                  Yes                        state/DJ

South Dakota (SD)

Coed                            Mount Marty College                1936 / 553                              Yankton, SD                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

                       >>       Sioux Spiritual Center                   1978                                 Rapid City, SD                                                     Yes                 SJ/DJ                      SJO

Tennessee (TN)

Coed                       Christian Brothers College          1854 / 1,483                             Memphis, TN                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                            Maryville University                1819 / 606                             Maryville, TN                                                      Yes            Presby./DJ

Coed                           Vanderbilt University              1873 / 8,822                            Nashville, TN                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Texas (TX)

Coed                             Baylor University                 1845 / 10,412                              Waco, TX                                                         Yes                 RC/DJ

Coed                            Dallas, University of               1956 / 2,815                               Irving, TX                                      Yes                      Baptist/DJ

Coed                   Dallas Theological Seminary                     1925 / 1,090                                             Dallas, TX                             Yes            Baptist/DJ                      USJ

Coed                       Incarnate Word College                         1881 / 1,431                                        San Antonio, TX                        Yes                 RC/DJ                                                 USJ

>> Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House                                1959                                Lake Dallas, TX                                 Yes                          SJ/DJ  SJO

Coed                     Oblate School of Theology           1849 / 23                   San Antonio, TX                             Yes                                 RC/DJ       USJ

Coed                           Our Lady of the Lake              1896 / 1,695                 San Antonio, TX                              Yes                               state/DJ

Coed                                Rice University                   1891 / 3,633                             Houston, TX                                                       Yes            private/DJ

Coed                          St. Edwards University             1881 / 2,474                               Austin, TX                                     Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                            St. Mary’s University               1852 / 3,268                 San Antonio, TX    Yes                   RC/DJ

Coed                         University of St. Thomas            1947 / 1,939                             Houston, TX                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                              Trinity University                 1869 / 3,269                 San Antonio, TX                              Yes                              Presby/DJ

Utah (UT)

– unknown

Vermont (VT)

Coed                         St. Joseph the Provider,             1954 / 332                              Rutland, VT                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

College of                                                        

Coed                            St. Michael’s College               1904 / 1,997                            Winooski, VT                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Women                            Trinity College                    1925 / 869      Burlington, VT                                              No                                  RC/DJ

Virginia (VA)

Coed                           Liberty University               1971 / 3,347                          Lynchburg, VA                                  Yes                      Baptist/DJ USJ

Women                  Marymount Coll. of Virginia         1950 / 1,469                             Arlington, VA                                   Yes                          RC/DJ   

(combined with Marymount College, and this campus closed)

Coed                            Regent University               1978 /  small                       Virginia Beach, VA                              Yes                   Christian / DJ                       USJ

Coed                              St. Paul’s College                  1888 / 628                          Lawrenceville, VA                                 No                     Episcopal/DJ                          

Coed                   Union Theo. Sem. in Virginia        1812 / 237                             Richmond, VA                                  Yes                               private/DJ                      USJ

Washington (WA)

Coed                           Gonzaga University              1887 / 3,404                            Spokane, WA                                   Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Coed                             St. Martin’s College                 1895 / 488                              Olympia, WA                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                            Seattle University               1891 / 4,579                             Seattle, WA                                    Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

West Virginia (WV)

Coed                             Wheeling College                1954 / 1,050                           Wheeling, WV            Yes                                 RC/DJ       SJO

Wisconsin (WI)

Women                            Alverno College                   1887 / 1,372                           Milwaukee, WI             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                         Cardinal Stritch College            1937 / 1,125                           Milwaukee, WI                                  Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                             Edgewood College                  1927 / 727                              Madison, WI                                    Yes                          RC/DJ

Men                           Holy Redeemer College               1968 / 65       Waterford, WI                                             Yes                                 RC/DJ

>> Jesuit Retreat House on Lake Winnebago 1961                             Oshkosh, WI                                            Yes                                 SJ/DJ       SJO

Coed                              Marian College of                  1936 / 563         Fond du Lac, WI                                     Yes                                 RC/DJ

Fond du Lac                                                                       

Coed                          Marquette University            1864 / 11,743                         Milwaukee, WI                                  Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Women                        Mount Mary College               1850 / 1,127     Milwaukee, WI                                             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Joseph on the Ohio (River)                                                                         

Coed                          St. Francis Seminary                1856 / 87       Milwaukee, WI                                            Yes                                 RC/DJ       USJ

School of Pastoral Ministry                                                                                                 

Coed                             St. Norbert College                1898 / 1,710                 De Pere, WI                                   Yes                                 RC/DJ                  

Coed                             Silver Lake College                 1935 / 391      Manitowac, WI                                             Yes                                 RC/DJ

Coed                                Viterbo College                   1931 / 1,111                 La Crosse, WI                                Yes                                 RC/DJ

Wyoming (WY)

– unknown

Washington DC (DC)

                       >> Loyola on the Potomac (River)            1958                                Washington, DC                                 Yes                          SJ/DJ        SJO

Coed                           Catholic University              1887 / 7,750                         Washington, DC                                 Yes                      private/DJ USJ

Coed                        De Sales Hall of Theology             1949 / 21                             Washington DC                                  Yes                          RC/DJ       USJ

Coed                        Georgetown University          1789 / 12,229                         Washington DC                                 Yes                          RC/DJ SJO

Coed                                Trinity College                    1897 / 747      Washington DC                                            Yes                                 RC/DJ

Outside the US, but directly affecting the US

(this category will likely grow in time)

Coed                      Bayamán Central University                        1970 / 1,404                Bayamán, PR                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                         Cambridge University          1209 / unknown   UK / US / Intern.                                     Yes                               state/DJ     USJ

of America                                                                                                

Coed                           Catholic University             1948 / 12,021                             Ponce, PR                                     Yes                          RC/DJ  USJ

of Puerto Rico                                                                                           

Coed                                L’Abri School                 1955 / unknown                   Switzerland, Europe       Yes                            private / DJ  USJ

(Francis Schaeffer) 1st location near Lausanne, Switz, location of Jesuit/ecumenical HQ (multiple locations)

Coed                            Oxford University          1096 AD / unknown                       Oxford, UK                                    Yes                        state/DJ     USJ

Campion Hall (SJO) @ Oxford                                                                                                                                              

Coed                       Sacred Heart, University of                        1935 / 7,013                San Juan, PR                                   Yes                          RC/DJ

Coed                           Toronto University            1827 / unknown              Toronto, Ontario, Canada                        Yes                        state/DJ     USJ

*** ** ***

Quick list of US state abbreviations:

AL = AlabamaAK = AlaskaAZ = ArizonaAR = ArkansasCA = CaliforniaCO = ColoradoCT = ConnecticutDE = DelawareFL = FloridaGA = GeorgiaHI = HawaiiID = IdahoIL = IllinoisIN = IndianaIA = IAKS = KansasKY = KentuckyLA = Louisiana ME = MaineMD = MarylandMA = MassachusettsMI = MichiganMN = MinnesotaMS = MississippiMO = MissouriMT = MontanaNE = NebraskaNV = NevadaNH = New HampshireNJ = New JerseyNM = New MexicoNY = New YorkNC = North CarolinaND = North DakotaOH = OhioOK = OklahomaOR = Oregon PA = PennsylvaniaRI = Rhode IslandSC = South CarolinaSD = South DakotaTN = TennesseeTX = TexasUT = UtahVT = VermontVA = VirginiaWA = WashingtonWV = West VirginiaWI = WisconsinWY = WyomingDC = Washington DC > Outside USPR = US colony of Puerto RicoUK = United Kingdom/EnglandCAN = Canada

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