Dedicated To The Truth

I am dedicated to sharing the Truth and exposing the lies.

That is why I am relentless concerning divorce and remarriage is ADULTERY if your first spouse is still alive.

Why I am dedicated at exposing the false doctrine of women pastors and leaders in the Church.

Why I am dedicated at exposing the false doctrine of dispensationalism and pre-trib rapture.

Why I am dedicated at exposing the lies concerning the Jews and anti-Semitism under the guise of Zionism.

Why I am dedicated at constantly exposing the Rothschilds.

Why I am dedicated at exposing the vile Jesuits and their puppets.

I truly love everyone, and my heart is broken not only for the unrepented but for those who are so deep in false doctrines. I have cried so much for those who believe they are saved yet still live in sin but call it grace. My heart breaks over those who believe the lies that has been repeated for hundreds of years and now believed to be true, even though the Bible says different.

I cry for myself as well, as I continue in my walk with The LORD Jesus Christ I am shown things that I believed to be true but was false. It is so hard to empty myself of things taught all my life in order for the Teacher the Holy Spirit to teach me the Truth. I lived in great deception for many years. I believed the rapture was true, I believed I could and did teach men in Churches, I was on my 3rd marriage during this period in my life. I also know without doubt that there is much more that I have probably held on to but is false, but I know without doubt as long as I am IN Christ and He is IN me then He will continue to open up the lies I have believed through His Holy Spirit by the Word of God.

So this is why I post many things concerning the lies we have been told. We must absolutely must be wise as serpents but gentle as doves. Knowing the false doctrine being preached is very important, that is why I urge everyone to read their Bibles and pray. Yet, knowing the latest conspiracy theory is not important. What I mean is, we do not need to look into gematria, Bible codes, giants, hollow earth, aliens, etc. If we know the Word of God as He wants us too, then the counterfeit will be obvious.

I love you all,

God Bless

Pamela JoyousNJesus McDonald

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