Christiananity Is NOT PATRIOTISM+

Amen – well spoken TRUTH from Brother Daniel Elliott 

What happened this week was so much more than it appears on the surface. To the Conservative Right that fear that censorship and our freedoms are under attack, you are completely missing the true meaning of what is happening.

This isn’t anything to do with Freedom, Liberty, ‘Murica, Censorship, Socialism, etc. The purge of the voices of the Right is an overt attack upon those that carry their Cross daily and try to die to self and remain steadfast in the Truth of Jesus Christ. It’s not about Democrats vs Republicans. Progressives vs Patriotic traditionalists. Socialism vs Democracy. This is a spiritual battle, bar none. 

Being “Woke” is the trendy phrase being tossed about these days. There is only one “Woke” and that is being cognizant to the spiritual battle that is raging all around us right now and why it’s happening.Jesus Christ will be Hate Speech in the very near future. The “Patriots” that showed out this week identify as Christians. They flatter God with their mouths, but their hearts are far away. 

What is on display is what the World views as Christianity. Because of this, those of us that carry our Cross daily and Love Jesus with all our hearts, despite our sinful nature, are associated with this “Patriot” group. These Patriots are of this World. They fight for the things of this world. In reality, this world is on life support and no amount of fighting, grandstanding and impotent pray will revive it. 

We are at the point of no return. The line has been drawn in the Sand by the the finger of God Almighty and you should seriously consider which side you stand on right now. If you feel as if you are serving God by pointlessly fighting for a Dead Nation, full of abominable sin and wickedness, you are dead wrong.If you would put a fraction of your efforts into fighting for the Word of God and the cleansing power of the Blood of Jesus Christ, it would be accounted worthy and lives would change and eternal destinations could be altered. I know this will prick the hearts of some. It will bring about defensive feelings and harsh words.

This post isn’t to condemn or point a finger, but to ask you to examine your heart and what your true allegiance is rooted in.

Sent in by Sherry Lynn Szada-Olinger

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