Getting Prepared For The Next Wave

Oranges and bananas
Red onion
Carrots and tomatoes
Beef and chicken soup mix
Sage and cilantro
Curley and Italian parsley
Teriyaki beef Jerky going to grind and make a Chinese seasoning
Fresh cranberry powder juice mix
Dehydrated apples
Variety of sweet peppers
This IS NOT my picture I gave the grandkids the apple fruit roll ups but I am going to make more. This is like what I made.
Italian seasoning

Next the LORD be willing I will make homemade gluten free noodles and dehydrate them for storage.

This stuff that the LORD has me making is not for my family only, but for those who are and will be in need. Freely give as I have freely been given and all in the Name and love of the LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

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