What An 8 Year Old Boy Told Me.

Something peculiar was said to me from an 8 year boy, twice now.

Last night he said, Grandma I had the worst dream ever, it was horrible. I told him to tell me. He said earth was gone and so was heaven it was no more and started crying.

Then today he came in to talk with me. And he was asking about God, so I asked the Holy Spirit to help me.

I started with Adam and Eve, and how Lucifer sinned and how God became flesh in order to save us and cleanse us from sin. Then I told him that some day He is going to come back and take all those who love Him.

I told him when we sin, lying, hitting, disobeying we must ask Jesus to forgive us and try not to do it again. Then I said that He will take us to be Him someday. He looked at me, and then looked very confused.

He said, I dont know, but, I dont understand, but in my mind… he continues and says, in my mind He is coming next year!

He rubbed his head then said in my mind its says next year He is coming next year. He had tears in his eyes.

I call this young child my grandson but he really isnt he lives with my daughter with his momma and dad and baby sister.

So I asked my daughter has anyone ever talked to Aiden about Jesus? The bible? End times? She said not that she knows of.

He knows nothing about the LORD. He had a dream of heaven and earth passing away, which would be them fleeing from the LORDS face, and then he heard a voice Tell him next year.

He was very confused cause he said it was not him that thought that, it was in his mind and he did not understand.

I think of Joel and how the young men will dream dreams. Idk but please pray for him and all young children. They need taught the truth God will use them.

Thank you all so much and may God keep you near the Cross and may His grace be abundant throughout our walk with Him.

Pamela Joyousnjesus McDonald

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