God Is Calling For MILLIONS TO REPENT ~Testimonials Below~

There has been a few people that have commented on my video on marriage, remarriage, and adultery. They too have been convicted by the Holy Spirit and was shown in scripture the truth. I wanted to share their comments as well as links if they placed one in order for you to see these testimonies for yourself.

Judgment begins at the house of God brothers and sisters and it has begun. God wants those who are living in the sin of second, third, fourth marriages while their first and only spouse in God’s eyes is still alive to repent before it is too late. He loves each of us so much but He will not force Himself on us.

Adultery is sin and yes it can be forgiven but you cannot continue in that sin! It is time we decide we either love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength or our adulterous relationship we call a second, third, or fourth marriage.

  1. In2 the Light Thank you for this really thorough message this is amazing!! The Lord also spoke to me about remarriage being adultery. My testimony is on my channel.

2. John 17 Unity
3 weeks ago My testimony is on my channel of repentance from adulterating a covenant of a man and his wife Thank you for making these videos Please keep going I am in intercession for the entire Body of Christ to come out of this In tears and fasting.

Walking by the Spirit Always
3 weeks ago Thank you for showing me her video. This is a great video and essential to qualify to go in the rapture as the whole chapter of 1 Thessalonians 4 says. Jesus is coming soon. She came to repentance in 2017 which was a big year for me (started my channel after my first rapture dream) and many others being told to watch for our Bridegroom to come. How terrible that a church would marry anyone who is divorced. This explains why my husband of 38 years and his adulteress teach a Sunday achool class sharing the gospel. It’s a hyper-grace, easy believism gospel and the Jezebel spirit within the church (Rev 2 Thyatira), and they have a child. How blessed we are to have intimacy with Jesus and to be victorious overcomers who are going in the rapture! Can’t wait to get hugs from Jesus and my sisters. Love y’all.

3. Jesus is the Way 1 month ago Thank you sis in Christ. So refreshing. I just recently shared my testimony and repented of an adulterous remarriage. Your presentation was lovely. God bless u sis🥰

4. Ginger Marie 1 week ago Amen Sis, I had to divorce from a remarriage due to Romans 7:3 and I will stay single for the Lord Jesus!

Here are some links to help guide you in your study to open up the Word of God about marriage, remarriage, and adultery.

Are you a sinful believer? https://watchmenonthepod.com/2020/06/2… Count the cost and forsake all https://watchmenonthepod.com/2020/06/2… You shall be judge by the Word https://watchmenonthepod.com/2020/06/2… You will be hated for my Word https://watchmenonthepod.com/2020/06/2… Judgment begins at the house of God https://watchmenonthepod.com/2020/06/2… God’s Word or your feelings? https://watchmenonthepod.com/2020/06/1… Divorce BUT REMAIN SINGLE https://watchmenonthepod.com/2020/06/1… Do not take your children for granted https://watchmenonthepod.com/2020/06/0…

I love you all so very much and I do not want any to continue in deception. I pray those who read this will examine their own lives and go to the Father through His Son the LORD Jesus Christ praying in the Holy Spirit for the absolute truth.

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