Just thoughts About Things

Does anyone want to truly know what the Word of God says anymore?

Looking at things that I post on here, I honestly question sometimes is this what the LORD wants? Is this beneficial to anyone’s walk with Christ Jesus?

It seems if I post things that are eschatology related but more man’s ideas and interpretations those posts seems to get more hits. That saddens me greatly and has brought me to tears tonight.

There has been some traffic on the Bible readings which is so important.

The Bible studies by J. Vernon McGee, Divorce and Remarriage being adultery, and women not supposed to be in leadership roles these are very important as well. But not viewed as much. Why? I do not have the answer.

We should read the Word daily, then we should also study it in-depth after praying for the LORD to give us wisdom not only to understand but to apply what we study to our lives.

Oh I don’t know, just thoughts going through my mind tonight.

Am I doing what Father wants me too? Do I have faith without works? Am I just bidding time without any fruit?

I have for a couple of years now, stored things away. Made soap, detergent, shampoo, canned a lot of food, and a few other things for when time gets tough. In my heart I believe this stuff is for many that will be sent to share the Gospel, during the toughest times ahead.

I just feel as if I am not doing enough. Then I think He is not about being busy, He is about relationship, faith, and obedience.

There is so many voices in this world. So many people with many interpretation of scripture. People talking about this being the “Mark” that being the “mark”.

Or this is the man of sin or that one is the man of sin. Then others saying Jesus is coming to “rescue” us because He wouldn’t have His Bride go through a time of tribulation. Forgetting about the furnace of affliction that purifies us. Even though He told us we would, and Peter wrote about fiery trials, persecutions.

It just seems like people these days are ready to jump on any kind of bandwagon as long as it feeds their fleshly desires and lusts. But what about their spirit? Yes we will read the Word of God, but, with preconceived beliefs. What I mean is, the Word is living, but if we are not asking the Father to empty us of opinion, false teachings, and others interpretations we have been taught, then we are missing out on what He wants to teach us!

Are we just serving the LORD in pretense? Do we have a form of Godliness but denying the POWER THEREOF? Do you remember that the Gospel is THE POWER OF GOD UNTO SALVATION NOT TO BE REPENTED OF?

The Gospel is not only to be preached and shared, but lived out in our own lives. People should be able to see Christ Jesus in our lives. No not in word only, but our very lives we live. Not a fakeness. Not an actor. Not false piety. But a genuine regeneration, a new heart, a renewed Spirit.

Many will hate you, your family included. People will lie on you, slander you, and try and ruin your life, as well as walk with Christ Jesus. It is your reaction that is the LORDS focus as well as those who are watching your life to see if God is real.

We must understand that there are different groups of people that watch Christians.

There are some who want you to fail. Some who hates your life in Christ Jesus due to jealousy. Some who try to make you fail in order to help feed their disbelief. There are even those who are fake believers and will try and feed you false doctrine on purpose, simply because they are wicked. Then there are those who are hoping against hope that you are the real deal but they will sit back and watch. But make no mistake there are people watching.

What kind of believer are we? Are we examining ourself to see if we are still in the faith? Are we truthfully desiring the pure Word of God and not having men interpret it, instead allowing the Holy Spitit to teach us? Are we getting grounded deeply in Christ? Or are we as a ship on water being tossed about to and fro by every new interpretation?

Just thoughts on my mind tonight.

I love you all truly.

God bless,

Pamela Joyousnjesus McDonald

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