Signs of a Wolf – Signs of the Times

7 ways to identify a Wolf in Sheep Clothing

1. Wolves will have an issue with spiritual authority. John 15:19-20

2.Wolves will try to manipulate and control you.

3.When wolves are in a fight, they will go for BLOOD. Luke 23:24

4. Wolves will ACT one way around those they think matter and Suddenly change BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!

5. There is some rotten fruit in the life of a wolf.

6.Wolves are often accurate in spiritual gifts.

7. Wolves didn’t always start out being wolves.

What is sad is sometimes wolves don’t realize until they fall that they are wolves. They will know it just like when David sinned and it wasn’t until Nathan came to him that it all “clicked” and made the difference. All you can do is Pray! From a distance as that will help from the claws grabbing at you.

This is those latter days, we are so close to Jesus’s return folks. Examine yourself and those around you. When I see families against families, civil unrest, the wicked taking everything good and making it evil, I just want to cry out'” Yes Lord I know you are near!!!” These things must happen.

Even though the flesh side wants to join the fight the spirit says nay. The fruit that is being shown. They should be able to know by the fruit is shown. Not just the fruit we can all easily put on Facebook, but the fruit is shown at home in our personal lives. God will start judgment within the church first, well spill that over to our very personal lives.

Our temples, our bodies. How are we treating His sacred place that the Holy Spirit dwells? Are we feeding our spirit meat and milk or rubbish and hate? It is very easy to do either. The key is Intentional Living. Are we Intentionally Living for the Lord? Or are we not intentionally but yet easily being used by the devil to kill, steal, and destroy?

It’s been a very overwhelming week watching individuals deal with crippling thoughts or suicide, people coming at each other over pettiness, and trying to maintain my household while I know others are suffering because they aren’t being taken cared of like they should. I am only human. Jesus said I can do all things through Him.

Thank the Lord for that! I strive to be more Christ like and less flesh like. I give Him praises when things aren’t going well, He’s in control so it wasn’t something I was supposed to do or get. He’s building me up more and more.

I know this to be true when attacks from the opposition arise! I am rejoicing in the fact that troubles are heading my way…..BECAUSE IT MEANS I AM A CHILD OF GOD! Jesus said that he was hated and so then I will be too! I was starting to worry I wasn’t receiving persecution!

Now If I was intentionally doing things to pick or start something I would expect retaliation, but that is; I can honestly say I have done nothing! I am so thankful! I love my Lord Jesus Christ and I will put that armor of God on and if nothing else I WILL STAND! Praise God and Amen!

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