A Time When God Blew My Mind!

**It’s when these memories come and remind me of a time when God blew my mind; that makes me smile and so very thankful.**

April 24, 2018

The most amazing thing. GLORY BE TO GOD! I get to work early bc of dropping kids off at school and I study the word and listen to sermons while I wait. Currently I am struggling with many spiritual things, and was listening to Eric Nafziger and his sermon on Unbelief. Amazing sermon. As I am listening and reading in the word with him, a man came up to my table. He said I see you studying your bible, would you pray with me. Do you do that?

I was taken back for a second, but quickly said yes of course. So he sat down and we held hands and we prayed. God knows that man’s heart and what his needs were. I am not a strong prayer warrior but the Lord knows all and without Him I can do nothing. I am left with so many things now. God is so amazing. So many little and big things I am learning and seeing first hand. I can not explain exactly what just happened spiritually as I am still in a state of amazement. This has changed something inside me. Thank you Lord!!!

**Thank You Jesus for your all that you do. I am grateful for this memory and pray this helps someone else and they too will have a great experience!** -NC

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