It Is The Little Things

It’s the little things…. I have always been one for the little things… Many set their eyes on the big things – for me, it is always the little things that touch me, excite me, motivate me, etc. True to my personality, this proved true yesterday… Starting from his first one, Stevan Michael had hot wheels in his stocking every year. Like most little boys, from the get go, he loved hot wheels. I had a love-hate relationship with them.. loved that they were cheap and kept him occupied, stepping on them was another story!! Anytime we were at Wal-Mart, etc. he wanted a hot wheel (and of course they “conveniently” kept them at the register. They became one of those “little things” I could stick in his stocking. I stopped when he was about 11 and that year as he dug through his stocking, hurt face “Ma, where’s my hot wheels?” I said, “Well, you got rid of all them except a few, I thought you were too old for them” he said, “no Ma, like our cookies we bake, that’s our thing”. Ok.. hot wheels was “our thing” So every year, I continued to get him hot wheels, so did my Mom – it was just a “Stevan thing”. Yesterday, I had a busy day of errands and a lot going through my mind at once and was just going about my day hoping to get everything I set out to do accomplished…. Finally, in Kroger and still 3 more stops to go – I am grabbing what I need to grab, answered 2 work phone calls, looking for an item and BAM! Walked around the corner to a bin of 79 cent hot wheels

and before I even knew I was reacting, I could feel the hot tears rolling down my cheeks before I could even stop them. 1000 memories of Stevan flooded my mind and before I knew it, I was crying and laughing at the same time… then I started praising God – Praising Him for the gift that was Stevan, praising Him for the memories, praising Him for getting me through, praising Him that through Him and His peace and comfort, I could still have Joy even through heart ache. Of course, I texted my mom cause I knew she would get it… at the same time, My Best Friend from back home happened to text me and I told her – her little boy is also a hot wheels fanatic and we talked about that and she sent me more pictures of him, which swelled my heart with even more joy and tears.

A moment in Kroger stopped me right in my tracks and from one of the “little things” 26 years of memories and joy came flooding in The “little things” will always amount to big things and there is ALWAYS something to rejoice about, no matter how great the pain.Don’t take the little things for granted, it always comes back to the little things having the biggest impact on your heart. And, Praise God for all of it. 🙌💖 

~Sherry Lynn~

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