Get Ready The Time Is Now

If you adhere to man’s interpretations and not to what the Word says, you make the Word null and void in your life.

Pre. Trib. Rapture doctrine

Women in leadership roles


No head covering in Church

Why are we willing to risk our souls and the soul of loved ones? Why?

Do we really think that man knows more than God? Or that God will close His eyes to sin?

I have been so confused on why the women I have witnessed to about the Pre-trib. rapture and remarriage is adultery according to the Word of God, refuses absolutely refuses to accept what the Bible says and will spiritualize things instead. And when I say they all believe in a Pre Trib. Rapture I am not kidding. Their hearts is open to deception and they will pull certain passages out of the Word of God in order to continue to live in a feel good world.

These women are beautiful women, do not misunderstand me by any means. They appear to be some of the most spiritual upright women around. They appear to be so blessed by God that it makes you begin to question, almost, that God doesn’t mean what He says. OH! What a dangerous thing to think! Their adulterous relationships seem to be so blessed by God if you look afar off and watch their lives, some even in ministry with their husbands.

The spirit of witchcraft operates in anyone who is rebellious to the Written Word of God and practices what man teaches and not what God said. I was once very guilty of this myself! Very guilty! But my prayers have been Father please do not let me be deceived, self deceived, religiously deceived, or world deceived. It was very humbling to say the least but it is truth.

We must die to self and get our flesh under control, if we do not we will produce the works of the flesh and pseudo fruit of Spirit that can deceive many as well as yourself. It is not worth it to me at all.

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