Joy One Of The Fruit Of The Spirit

🍍Fruit of the Spirit –

🍍 Joy In the Christian’s life 🍍 🍍 In the grand and deeply moving prophecy of the prophet Isaiah, it was foretold that when Christ came He would impart to His people “the oil of joy” for mourning (Isaiah 61:3) 🍍 Joy has ever been one of the most significant hallmarks of God’s people. It is a unique quality of character often confused with happiness. 

🍍 Joy and happiness are NOT the same.Each springs from a totally different source.Once comes from the world around me – the other originates directly with the Spirit of the Living God. 👉 Happiness is conditioned by and often dependent on what is “happening around me”. It is irrevocably bound up either by the behavior of other people, the sequence of events in my life, or the circumstances in which I find myself. 👉 If these are going well in one way or another – I am said to be “happy”; If on the other hand, my circumstances are adverse, I am said to be “unhappy”. 👉 For the most part “happy” and “unhappy” are words that belong in and to the world. They are seldom used in Scripture (about 6 times in the NT, perhaps 16 in the Old) And, when they are employed it is generally in the Anglo-Saxon meaning of being well-favored or very fortunate (I.e. Psalm 144:15b) 

🍍 Joyful on the other hand, appears in a variety of forms such as “joyful” or “rejoice” (about 8 more times than does happiness)It throbs throughout the Scriptures as a profound, compelling quality of life that surmounts and transcends the events and disasters which may dog God’s people. 🍍 JOY is a divine dimension of living NOT shackled by circumstances. 🍍 This JOY springs from the presence of God in a person’s life. 🍍 This is often referred to as Joy in the Lord and is no way dependent on others or circumstances around me – 🍍 JOY is a Fruit of the Spirit and one of the grand attributes of God Himself. Excerpt from ~ A Gardner looks at the Fruit of the Spirit 🍍🍍🍍

Sherry Lynn Szada-Olinger

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