Humanism, Its All About The Happiness of Man?

Many in the Church are so quick to point out homosexuality, sex before marriage, even against some who is in an active affair in secret.

But they refuse to see their own sin of adultery. If your spouse from your very first marriage is alive and you are remarried you are in adultery. That is 100% the truth. All other marriages aren’t marriages to God but adulterous affairs.

Many in the Church will gossip and tear apart others and call it concern. But God calls it whispers, backbiters, gossip.

Many will refuse to participate in Halloween, they are fine with celebrating the pagan holidays called Christmas and Easter.

What is it? Has the Church because so blinded and humanistic they are living in sin and cannot see Truth?

Many have idols between them and God, children and an adulterous relationship. Woe is them.

The works of the flesh abound in the Western Church.

Stubbornness, a callus heart, rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft all different faucets of idolatry. When a person refuses to search the Word of God in order to know the truth that is rebellion. If you overlook these posts you are rebellious and you will answer to the LORD Jesus Christ.

I personally know a few that appear to be beyond blessed. But Gods Word does not change and they are in sin. Adultery is sin, no man no piece of paper and tear apart what God Himself joined together.

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