Words Of Encouragement

Avoid the foolishness on YouTube when it comes to gnostic beliefs, enlightened knowledge, those that claim to be “prophets”.

I cannot stress enough though to have the Father lead you by His Holy Spirit on the teachers He has ordained to encourage, correct, rebuke, confirm, and help your faith grow.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God! Avoid foolishness at all costs.

Many that He has led me too have already gone to be with Him. Corrie Ten Boom, Elizabeth Elliot, David Pawson, David Wilkerson, and then those alive most are not from America.

Sadly, the Western Church is so polluted in deception. Elder Zac Poonen is one that I truly appreciate from India a very humble man, the LORD led me to him while in Istanbul,Turkey a year ago next month. I have been so blessed sitting under his teachings as well as the others I mentioned.

Pray, seek God’s will and who He wants you to learn from. He gave us teachers, preachers and prophets dont forget that.

I have been told by someone they will not listen to anyone. I was a bit taken back with what appeared to be arrogance and pride. When we think no one can teach us, then truly we have a heart problem.

Test all things by the Word of God, but never think you can not sharpen iron with another believer that is dangerous thinking.

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