Watching People Die But Refuse The Balm of Gilead

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The pain of watching a loved slowly die before your eyes is an absolute torturous thing. Whether it be cancer, tragic accident, HIV, whatever the pains in your soul cannot be expressed in words.

But watching those you love slowly die letting go of the nail scarred hand of Jesus is just as painful if not worse. Watching them slip back into the world and not even recognize it, feeding their minds, ears, eyes and soul with all worldly things and never crack open or dust off the Word of God. Even though we live in the age of availability having access to free electronic bible readings, some just do not want to hear it anymore.

My heart is full of sorrow as I witness this in the Church world these days. My Uncle said to me something very foolish many years ago. I used to study the Word of God for at least and no exaggeration at least 5 hours a day. He said, you will answer for much because you know much, and he continue to say, that is why he doesn’t study!! And laughed! I do hope that before he passed away he repented for that but only God knows.

There are many that believe they are saved and do not even want to talk about the LORD let alone study. But will be on social media and in private text talking about other people! Yet still believe they are living for the LORD! How? Who or what has bewitched these believers? If you speak to them about the compliancy then suddenly you have become their enemy? Tears I have cried, many tears but until the Father gives me the words to speak with the Spirit of love I cannot exhort, correct, or even rebuke until He says it is time.

Do I think I am better than any of these people? NO! I am human as they are, and if I do not continuously feed my spirit spiritual food and avoid filth from the world, run away from it, I could end up the exact same way. I must at every waking moment to guard my heart because if I do not a crack could occur giving the enemy a foothold in my life. We are all to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Do you know how many times it is written in the New Testament about serving God with fear? Search it out, there is a serious reason why we are too. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LIVING GOD! If someone sees me growing lukewarm I pray with all my heart they will say to me, “You are changing, you are changing something isn’t right!”

There was a time in the Book of Judges that it says everyone did what was right in their own eyes! One man who had stolen money from his own mother, then told her she blessed him and then GAVE HIM SOME AS IF IT WAS A REWARD! Then he had an idol built, met a Levite and hired him to be a priest to him then said he knew God would do him well now seeing he had a Levite as a priest!

Some people are becoming just like these people and believe they are ok! They do what they think is right not what the Word of God says! Then if you try and show them they want nothing to do with it! They will literally walk away and get offended!

Oh, the tears, the sorrow the pains in my heart as I watch so many die slowly from the disease called sin! Sin is a worse death than cancer could ever be.

I just wanted to get that off my heart, tonight.

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