Live With All People Peacefully When Possible

Cross and Cutlass: Important: Deceptions that have crept into the church!

Never argue over the Word of God. Never debate the Word of God. If someone is adamant on their “take” on the Word of God nothing you can say or even sadly show in scripture will open their eyes. Sadly our flesh will side with what appeals to it which is contrary to the Word of God. If you are told a lie often enough you will begin to believe it and when some are presented with the truth sadly they will deny it.

Just like the deceptions in the Churches that has been planted by the enemy through men. Divorce and Remarriage is a HUGE ONE! The Word of God is absolutely clear if you divorce you are to REMAIN SINGLE unless your spouse has died! If you do not you are AN ADULTERER! And if you marry someone divorced and their spouse is still alive they made you an ADULTERER! That is so clear and concise in the Word, but, since the 1600’s it has been perverted and taught it is OK! Jesus at NO TIME NO TIME gave an exception to this! Fornication is porniea and can ONLY TAKE PLACE IN UNMARRIED PEOPLE! Adultery (mochiea) happens in the heart and within a marriage. So how can you divorce someone who is guilty of fornication if they are not “married” it is called BETROTHAL in the Jewish life that GOD ORDAINED! We MUST AT ALL TIMES SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES not what we think or what the Gentile world interprets things. When two are betrothed they are literally married but not in flesh yet, that does not happen until the wedding and consummation. At the consummation is when God Himself joins the two and makes them ONE FLESH. Again read how Joseph was going to DIVORCE Mary because he thought she had committed fornication, they were espoused (BETROTHED) not married physically yet. Do you realize there is MORE DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE IN THE CHURCH than in the SECULAR WORLD?

Then you have the Pre-Tribulation Rapture absolutely a deception in the Church coming from the Jesuits to Darby spread through by Scofield funded by the Rothschilds. Jesus clearly teaches that at the end of the age the reapers (angels) will gather up the tares first and the wheat will be gathered into the barn. Jesus tells us in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 that AFTER these things THEN THE SON OF MAN WILL RETURN! NOT BEFORE.

Christmas and Easter pagan feasts adopted by the Roman Catholic (Universal) Institution, in order to include ALL RELIGIONS. Sound familiar ECUMENISIM. What is being pushed today on millions? Saying all roads lead to God, even Billy Graham sadly feel into this deception! No all roads do not there is only ONE WAY and His Name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth and He is the WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE no man shall see the Father any other way. A Christmas tree, materialism, fancy decorations, Santa Claus, just the name “easter” screams paganism, then colored eggs, bunnies, and Easter sunrise service. Where do you see Jesus the King of kings and the LORD of lords in any of this?

So we have the answer why the Church seems powerless, because the Church for the most part are living in sin.

I no longer try and beat others over the head with what the Word of God says. I walk away or change the subject. Why? Because I do not want to be the reason a brother or sister may sin by inciting them to anger.

Live peacefully with all men when possible. Never cease in praying for others and grow in love for all.

Pamela Joyous N Jesus McDonald

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