Ye Without Sin, Cast The First Stone (not instagram)

You shall know them by their fruit.

From childhood to today God has purposed a plan for me. I did not let Him finish the work He began. Now I say, “Here am I LORD use me for your glory, even if I must be humiliated in the process. Glorify THY NAME!”

Don’t, please do not trample underfoot the precious blood of Jesus Christ. There is no one on this earth or already passed away that will love you after knowing every single filthy wretched detail about you, only Jesus. Please look to Him and repent!

He died for us while we were still yet sinners. And if anyone say they are have no sin, God calls them a liar. 1 John

Careful of pointing out the sin of others, especially those the LORD has forgiven.

Pride is an absolute horrible thing, so horrible that God says He gives GRACE to the HUMBLE but He RESISTS THE PROUD. My sins were great, an over abundance of them. I do call myself of the day we are living in, the chiefest of sinners!

I wonder how can a Holy, Righteous, and Just God forgive let alone love something like me?

But He does, and He did. Through me, my prayer is that God will be glorified as others look at me, speak with me, and see the LORDs transformation in me.

I do not hide what I was, I have been extremely transparent since being forgiven in 2017. I want others to remember what I once was, I want others to see me on the Maury Show, I want people to see the wretch that I was and then talk with me, spend time with me, and see if through me Jesus Christ lives.

I do not boast in myself, but I boast in the One Who died and rose alive forevermore. His Name is Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God.

He promised that old things would pass away and all things will become new, that I will be a new creation. Always with a praise on my lips, and a song in my heart.

I love Him, my only true hope is to look upon His beautiful face and look into His loving eyes. I do not serve Him to stay out of hell or in hopes of walking the streets of gold. Just to see Him is enough for me.

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